U-13 may not be ready for Madison?


Sometimes weird stuff just happens no matter how prepared you are. Mechanical gremlins hit the U-13 Graham Trucking team all weekend in Evansville. Now ABRAHydroplanes.com is reporting the U-13 may not be ready to run at Madison.

  • "Initial reports from the U-13 camp have hinted that the boat might not be able to race in Madison. The team was allowed to be the trailer boat in the Thunder on the Ohio final heat and ended up throwing a propeller and severely damaging the bottom of the boat."
    > SOURCE: ABRAHydroplanes.com

VIDEO: Final Heat at Evansville >>

The team had problems in an earlier heat that caused Kelly to have to sit one out in the infield while the heat was winding up... and then there was an incident where the engine cutoff would not shut down the engine as Kelly came to the pits after a qualifying run.

Quick thinking and reaction by JMK averted a major disaster. Pulling the boat to the left hard, Mike actually drove the right side of the boat onto the retaining wall.

VIDEO: U-13 hitting the wall >>
U-13 hitting the wall >>