Morning Session 3


The U 50 Spirit of the Navy the newest team on the unlimited circuit this year is about to go into the water, as David Williams takes position on the judges stand. Piloted by Brian Perkins from the Seattle Area.

The U10 Ahearn Rentals is now being pushed away from the dock as David Bryant fires up his turbine powered hydroplane and pulls away from the dock. Taking a slow run up the back stretch checking systems and beginning to pick up speed down the front stretch, the boat is looking smooth as it runs the course. Coming around for the first speed of 150.441mph. His second lap speed is 151.457mph. Third lap speed is 151.809mph.

Next on the water is the U6 Oh Boy! Oberto from Madison, Indiana. Steve David takes the craft from the dock as he powers the boat out on to the course. The team has been experimenting with a new skid fin design to be used in the Madison and Detroit races which has the smallest turns on the racing circuit. His first lap speed for the pepperoni power boat is 150.473mph. A little slower than he ran yesterday. His second speed is 151.330 mph. His final lap of three speed is 150.284mph.

For those that want to look at the site on web video you can check it out at www.