Morning Session 2


The U6 Oh Boy! Oberto is now hanging over the water prepared to test again this morning. Steve David, yesterdays leader in qualifying, is happy with the set up of the boat and is prepared to try and up their speeds on the flat surface that the Ohio River has sent them this morning.

Awaiting to opening of the course the U37 team is perched atop of their craft as it sits dockside. Driver jean Theoret from Maple Grove Quebec Canada is being strapped into the cockpit. Winds are from the east so running up the back stretch will be tricky as they are gusting to about 15mph, creating a chop.

The course is now open as the boats are now released. The U-50 Spirit of the Navy is now being lowered into the water.

The U37 is the first boat out on the water. Cutting the course to head up the back stretch and take a shot at the time run for the start line on this 2 mile course. Slowly making his way up the back stretch and now picking up the speed as he makes his run down the front straight away. Bouncing a little as he powers into the lower turn and creating a smooth rooster tail. Coming around the upper turn and picking up speed his first lap was 149.753 mph on his first lap. His second lap 150.918mph. His speed is 152.743 mph. That ups his speed for qualifying.