More afternoon testing


The U7 is now on the water. Mike Allen driving this afternoon and taking a moderate pace up the back stretch and enters the east turn and begins a run at the clock. Slamming into turn 1 Allen looses a bit of speed, however he picks up speed quickly. Into the eastern turn heading down the front stretch speed 146.815mph and cuts through the infield as he making some timing runs.

The U13 is now back in the water! Hats off to the team for repairing the boat. J Michael Kelly is strapped into the boat as he prepares to take to the water this afternoon. Kelly taking to the course taking his time making sure that the boat handles as it should tools up the back stretch. Into the first turn picks up speed and makes his run down the front straightway. Thre team had to install a new rudder and Kelly is making a good run now into the east turn as he powers through. No doubt testing the repairs making sure that everything is working as it should. Still on the course with Kelly is Mike Allen in Ted Porters Kelly making some good speeds down the chutes. Both boats slowly making runs at this time and returning to the docks.