Heat 1B


Heat 1B

U5 formulaboats.com
U7 formulaboats.com
U10 Ahearn Rentals
U13 Graham Trucking (dns)
U100 (concedes)

A repaired U13 Graham Trucking driven by J Michael Kelly along with a pair of formula boats, and a rental company entry answered the call for heat 1B. The first boat in the water was the U10 Ahearn Rentals, followed by both formula boats.

With 3 minutes till the start several of the other teams came out onto the boat and took the cowling off of the boat as they figure out why the U-13 will not fire. Unfortunately the craft just would not fire. This opened the race to three boats.

Jeff Bernard took lane one as his teammate took lane two followed by the U10 taking lane three. Deck to deck down the back stretch and through the turn the two racing side by side. Bernard first Allen second and Bryant third.

Bernard pulls it out to a seven boat lead as he powered down the back stretch in the second lap with Allen and Bryant giving chase. In the end it was Jeff Bernard winning the checkered flag.

The two youngest drivers in the field, Brian Perkins and Jeff Bernard have won the first two heats this weekend.