Heat 1a


Heat 1A

U25 (concedes)
U50 Spirit of the Navy
U3 Master Tire
U37 Beacon Plumbing
U6 Oh Boy! Oberto

Four boats answer the call for heat 1A as three of the top four qualifiers, U6 Oh Boy! Oberto, U37 Beacon Plumbing, and the U3 Master Tire and the U50 Spirit of the Navy go head to head in racing competition.

The first boat to hit the water is the U6 Oh Boy! Oberto. Coming down to the start of the race it was Oberto in lane 1 Beacon lane 2 and Master Tire in lane 3 and Spirit of the Navy in lane 4. Coming down to the start the 6 and the 37 were deck to deck with the 3 right there with them.

Across the line it appeared that the 3, 37 and the 6 jumped the gun and it went under review.After a review all three did jump the gun. This allowed Brian Perkins in his first ever heat in Evansville to take the win.

Going into the first turn the Beacon Plumbing went dead in the water, as the 3 and the 6 fought deck to deck for two laps. Brian Perkins was laying back as he watched the two gun jumpers were racing hard. At the end it was the U50 Spirit of the Navy with the checkered flag.