Final of the Morning Test session


The U6 Oh Boy! Oberto is now on the water as Steve David is being strapped into the cockpit. Steve made a visit to the judges tower and as usual he made everyone here crack up. This gentleman is truly a credit to his sport.

Oberto now takes to the water David taking the boat out onto the course to test some more as we are under the gun on time The boat running smooth as it takes a charge down the front stretch powering into the lower turn, smooth as glass as he runs up the Kentucky side of this cours then taking it to the east turn his first lap speed is 153.069mph a tick under the speed from yesterday. His second lap speed is 152.290mph slowing as he goes into the west turn everything appears to be good as he is plowing water up the back stretch.

U10 Ahear Rentals is now on the course as David Bryant takes the blue and yellow boat down the front stretch and into the lower turn. The boat owned by Kim Gregory out of Las Vegas NV taking it hard into the west turn here on this 2 mile course Bryant screams up the KY side and coming out of turn 2 first lap is 143.965mph. Second lap is 148.917mph his third lap comes in at 147.299mph.

The U5 driven by Mike Allen is now ready to leave the docks as we are under 8 minutes left on this test session for the morning. the all red boat of the Ted Porter camp did not make a full lap so there was no speed the second lap 143.965 but he cuts the infield.

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Anonymous said...

You should check your driver roster. The U5 is driven by Jeff Bernard The U7 by Mike Allen. I verified with a crew member that they had not switched boats.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I'm with anonymous. ABRA has the Formula boats/drivers backwards. Someone needs to get that corrected. A also verified with a crew member that Jeff Bernard is driving the U-5 and Mike Allen the U-7.

Thanks guys! We appreciate all of your hard work.

Can someone cover the story of the U-25 and the U-100...and what those two teams are up to? Is the 100 even in the pits yet?