The Miss Supertest Story, a book that chronicles "The story of the Supertest Petroleum Company’s unlimited hydroplane boat racing team that came to dominate world speedboat racing 50 years ago," is now out.

SOURCE: Caledon Enterprise -

Miss Supertest III became the fastest hydroplane powerboat in the world, setting a water speed record of 296.975 km/h (184.54 mph) on November 1, 1957, and again at 300.338 km/h (186.630 mph) in 1960.

SOURCE: Model -

The U-50 Spirit of the Navy is christened! We'll have lots of photos from today's test sessions shortly.

Wristbands are now on sale for the Madison Regatta.

U-37 will be participating in Tastin' and Racin' June 6th-8th. The boat will be on display Friday and testing Saturday and Sunday.

OK, this engine is a hemi, but what type of hemi? Think you know your engines? Take this on-line photo quiz and let us know how you did. Take the quiz >>

Photo galleries from the Vintage Hydroplane testing in April, 2008.

Photo: Jim Clark

VIDEO: From former Indy racer and Unlimited hydroplane racer Salt Walther in a jailhouse interview >>

Read full story & watch video from >>

"The cocaine, the crack, the meth, I've seen what it did to me..."

"I'll get stronger physically, mentally and spiritually, you know, I just do the best I can while I'm here..."

Quotes & Photo from

VIDEO: RC Hydroplanes get some TV coverage in Portland, OR >>

View yet more new U-17 Red Dot photos from Our Gang Racing >>

May 29th is the tentative date for a test run of the new U-50 US Navy and U-48 lakeridge Paving at the Stan Sayers pits starting at 11am.

Some details on the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison test runs. Steve David will test at 8am on June 17th in Madison on the Ohio River.

Madison Courier also reports the U-6 may do an exhibition run in New Richmond, Ohio - site of a potential future Unlimited race. Read article >>

Legally blind at birth, Pete Hayden was a "a staple at the Seafair hydroplane races, selling ice cream and soft drinks at the entrance to Sayres Park." He also worked Seahawks, Mariners, and Huskie football games.

Read Pete Hayden's story at >>

Judy D'Eath has passed away. Judy was the wife of former Unlimited driver Tom D'Eath. Tom, a Gold Cup winner, and Judy are credited with working together to create an organization that kept the Detroit races alive when the Spirit of Detroit organization went bankrupt in 2003.

Photos from the U-37 Schumacher Racing Unlimited Hydroplane on parade in Ballard, WA. View photos >>

Steve David reports that U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto / Miss Madison will be testing June 17th in Madison. The public is invited.

Chris Denslow took this photo of the UL-929 literally on top of the UL-13 after the UL-929 lost steering at Richland, WA this past weekend.

Corrected standings for ULHRA racing after Desert Thunder:

1. UL-72 (Kayleigh Perkins) - 3325
2. UL-15 (Jerry & Greg Hopp) - 3200
3. UL-14 (Paul Becker) - 2700
4. UL-13 (Wil Muncey) - 1319
5. UL-8 (Kip Brown) - 1269
6. UL-11 (Michael Flaherty) - 1225

The corrections were to MY math errors!

VIDEO: Hydro Racing keeps its fans roaring at Kitsap Lake >>

"Competitors Sunday included J. Michael Kelly of Puyallup. Kelly is a regular on the Unlimited Light Hydroplane race circuit, and competes during the Seafair Hydroplane Races on Lake Washington in Seattle." - Kitsap Sun

A number of Unlimited Hydroplane drivers were running Unlimited Lights this past weekend. Kip Brown will be driving the U-17 Miss Red Dot Unlimited Hydroplane this season. Brian Perkins will be driving the U-50 US Navy. Greg Hopp is scheduled to drive the U-100 Mirage Boats.
All three made the finals of Desert Thunder in Richland, WA along the shores of the Columbia River. Hopp won in the UL-15 Graham Trucking GT - Happy Go Lucky.

ABOVE PHOTO: Brian Perkins aboard the UL-8 - PHOTO CREDIT : Chris Denslow

Kayleigh Perkins, UL-72 Miss Boat Electric, before the final race: "It's not fun to have a big target on your back, but if you win enough it's going to happen."

By my unofficial count, Kayleigh Perkins' UL-72 is still in the lead for the National Team Championship for the Unlimited Lights by a 50 point margin after the Desert Thunder races.

Season to date...

1. 3250 points - UL-72 Miss Boat Electric (Kayleigh Perkins)

2. 3200 points - UL15 Graham Trucking GT - Happy Go Lucky (Greg and Jerry Hopp)

3. 2700 points - UL14 Miss Critical Logic (Paul Becker)
PHOTO - Chris Denslow

Desert Thunder Finals:
1. UL15 Greg Hopp
2. UL14 Paul Becker
3. UL72 Kayleigh Perkins
4. UL8 Kip Brown
5. UL40 Brian Perkins

UL Finals at Desert Thunders - lineup:

UL72, UL14, UL15, UL8, UL40 trailer

The new movie "Boats You Never Though You'd See" by Don Mock and David Williams scheduled to premier at the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum on Friday, May 16th has been postponed due to production delays. They are still planning on showing the rarely seen 1950s classic "Mr. Slo Mo." Details >>

Competition on the Columbia River - PHOTOS - Chris Denslow

Not the way you want your day to go at Desert Thunder, 2008. PHOTO - Chris Denslow.

Desert Thunder 2008 Slideshow

Desert Thunder 2008 slideshow, made from Chris Denslow photos of boats arriving in Richland, WA. View slideshow >>


> Weekend Race Schedule >>
> Live Stream from ULHRA >>

First boats arrive for Desert Thunder Unlimited Lights races. PHOTOS: Chris Denslow

VIDEO: More video of Unlimited Lights heats from Firebird from


VIDEO: Steve Montgomery and Mark Allen show us on-board cameras from the U-37, U-13 and U-10 from 2007.

View 12 on-board camera video clips, including Miss Burien vintage >>

VIDEO: San Diego Regatta TV Commercial, circa 2007

Gold Cup Volunteers meeting is set for Friday, mary 16th at the UFCW Hall in Madison Heights, MI.

Details and map >>

Detroit News: River Days back with tall ship, pirates, hydroplanes. Read More >>

Madison will use the "Hughes Plan" for 2008 again this year. There will be a final heat of four boats on the front line and two trailers. With 11 boats expected, Fred Farley reports a breakdown of 4, 4 and 3 for the prelims.

VIDEO: Predator is the second Assasin hull, now rebuilt using a 27 litre Rolls Royce Merlin V12 engine.

The Seattle Times reports that new rules may halt Metro's shuttle service to Seafair. Last year, more than 30,000 people used the service to get to the event. More details >>

Attempting to cross the Atlantic with a robotic-driven boat... no humans on board! Mark Neal: "This is the first time anybody has attempted to sail across any ocean with an automated boat. The big issue in robotics at the moment is longevity and flexibility in a complicated environment. Something that can survive for two to three months completely unassisted while doing something interesting is a major challenge."

Photo: Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends

The latest race video from the Unlimited Hydroplane Racing League for rFactor.

My apologies to anyone that's already voted in the sleeper poll (below), but I screwed it up.

BAD NEWS: I had to re-set the poll below since, as someone pointed out, not everybody was represented. Sorry about that!

GOOD NEWS: You all get to act as super-delegates and can vote for whomever you want now!

There's an interesting discussion on the Hydropage Web Forum about "sleepers" for the 2008 season.

Q: We can safely assume the U-1 (Elam) and U-6 (Oberto) will be two of the top competitors, but is there another team you think can challenge and win a race? Vote here and then head over to Hydropage Web Forum to read the comments or add your own.

Beside the U-1 or U-6, which race team has the best chance to win a race site in 2008?
U-100 free polls

VIDEO: Unlimited Lights racing at Firebird. ULHRA has video of Heat 1C, won by Michael Flaherty in the U-11. View by clicking here >>

To promote the 100th running of the Gold Cup, the Detroit River Regatta Association's display boat has been updated and ready to hit the road.


Belated... hydro photos from Apple Blossom event in Entiat, WA, including parade pix.
Thanks to S95 Racing for the pictures!

Seafair logboom space is up for grabs in Seattle. If you're interested, check it out soon. The logboom burgees and credentials packets will be mailed out during the third week of July.

Photo - Seafair website

Madison Regatta Pit Tour chairman Fred Farley is seeking guides to run pit tours on Friday and Saturday of race weekend. The minimum age is 16. Tours will be conducted from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call Farley at (502) 268-3206.

Source: Madison Courier >>

New photos of the work being done on the U-17 Red Dot from Our Gang Racing. View photos >>


PHOTO: U-17 website

Hydroplanes Tear Up Mayfield Lake; Ambulances Haul Away Injured Drivers in Local Hydro Race. From Lewis County, WA Chronicle >>

The Tri-City Water Follies Association today released its new artwork designed to promote the 2008 Lamb Weston Columbia Cup and HAPO Community Credit Union “Over the River” Air Show.

Lockheed Martin Information Technology, who designed the new artwork, has partnered with the Tri-City Water Follies for several years to present a local, community image for promoting the event that draws several thousand people annually to the Tri-Cities. “

The design and presentation of this years image is spectacular,” said Ron Hue, Water Follies President. “We chose to be consistent with color and design as recommended by Angelou Economics, an Austin, TX-based company who conducted a regional marketing strategy on behalf of TRIDEC to establish continuity in marketing and branding the Tri-Cities area. Lockheed Martin did an outstanding job of representing the best of what the event offers.”

Source: Tri-City Water Follies

How many major Unlimited races have there been since 1946?
372 free polls

The answer to that question along with history of the six current race sites in a new article by Fred Farley on Go to article >>

VIDEO from Pickwick, Tennessee ULHRA event. Features stills and video of the UL-89 Hydroplane (Owner/operator Mike Sadlon). Mike ran a third place final in Pickwick and brought home a trophy. Also some shots from Firebird in Chandler, AZ.

Miami Marine Stadium gets some attention fron NPR. LINK:

Results of the ULHRA exhibition races at Pickwick Landing, Tennessee. Details >>

Last year, two exhibitions were conducted by ULHRA at Chamberlain-Oacoma SD and at Chandler AZ. Both of those led to full-fledged race sites i n2008.

Spring training in the Tri-Cities has been cancelled for 2008. Read more >>

VIDEO: 1950s Slo-Mo-Shun V Hydroplane Blowover in Seattle. View VIDEO >>

Ryan Mallow drives the UL-19 Unlimited Light hydroplane, but he got to take a few laps in the U-37 Unlimited Hydroplane during the Schumacher Racing team's spring training session this year.

The San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club under scrutiny; faces threats to its non-profit lease. More from San Diego Union-Tribune >>

To commemorate the 100th Running of the Gold Cup, the Detroit Regatta Association will be offering special watches limited to an edition of 100 in each style.

Read the story about this photograph and the connection to former Unlimited Hydroplane driver Steve Reynolds. Details >>

"Promise" Posted On U6 Bulletin Board - For Steve David - on the MadisonCameRunning website >> (scroll down website to view)

There will not be live streaming from the ULHRA exhibition at Pickwick, TN. The location is remote and the internet situation prevents the stream. ULHRA will be back with a live stream for Richland, WA later in May.

Up next for the Unlimited Lights: May 2 - there is an exhibition at Pickwick Landing in Tennesee. May 17 - the ULs are in Richland, WA.

At Richland a number of Unlimited Light and Lighter than LIGHTS teams that could not make the trek to Phoenix will open their ULHRA seasons. UL-5 with Rod Bourke who won a preliminary heat at Richland last year, UL-98 Miss Atomic Screen Printing, the local favorite with Charles Xaudaro driving, plus Charles' older brother "Vince X-Man Xaudaro in his UL-929 with Wilmot Racing will be competing. Wil Muncey and the Muncey Racing Trafficade Signs & Safety Sales team hopes to debut their "Big Red Boat" the ex UL-23 Pegasus at Richland. UL-13 Celtic Racing Team owner-driver J.Craig Fletcher will make his move to the former UL-33 hull which won the season finale at Port Angeles last year. Fletcher purchased the former Miss Graham Trucking hull from Bob & Janet Estes last winter. Brian Perkins in Chuck Dow's Thunder Valley UL-40 is also expected to compete along with Kerry Beynon & Al Carstensen's UL-6 which was damaged in a flip at Silverdale WA last Aug ust.

Fifteen UL teams are expected for Desert Thunder II, plus 10 or more from the Lighter than LIGHTS Fleet.

More details in comments.
Info from John Lynch, P.R. Director and "Voice" of ULHRA Racing

Shameless plug: This is the 1,000th post on this blog! And we've had more than 122,000 visitors since we started less than a year ago.

Steve David is hinting that there might be a U-6 testing coming up soon...

Sad news to report... Chet Lepinski lost his daughter this week from complications from pneumonia. Chet is an active participant in the hydroplane scene, including RC Hydros. He's been a contributor to numerous hydro websites, including his own and this one.

Here's the information about Jackie Kay Lepinski from Einan's Funeral Home in Tri-Cities, WA:

When someone we love passes away, we ache, but we go on. Our dear departed would want us to heal, after they are gone. Grief is a normal way to mend. The anguish and pain in our hearts; we need time to remember and time to mourn, before the recovery starts.

Let's draw together to recuperate, as we go through this period of sorrow; let's help each other, with tender care to find a brighter tomorrow.

Jackie Kay Lepinski went to be with her Lord on Monday, April 28, at Kadlec Medical Center in Richland, Washington. She was surrounded by her loving family and friends. She was born in Richland WA on November 4, 1969, to Chester and Sandy Lepinski. Jackie worked for Lockheed Martin for twenty years. She started in 1987 as a high school student and ended up in the Human Resource Department as a HR Specialist.

Jackie enjoyed many things in life. She grew up doing competitive roller skating until she was 12. She became very involved in the Tri-City Americans hockey team. She even went on a long road trip to Canada one time to support the team. Her latest enjoyment was cruising. She had been to Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean, Panama Canal, and Mexico. Her next adventure was to go to Fiji. While cruising she had a chance to swim with the dolphins and go white water rafting.

She is survived by her parents Chester and Sandra (Richland), brother Brian (Richland), and sister Brenda (Everett). She is also survived by her many friends.

The family would like to extend our gratitude to the dedicated and caring professionals in the Intensive Care Unit at Kadlec Medical Center. These were the most incredible set of nurses. Each one of her nurses took very special care of her (Keith, Randy, Lisa, Kara, Gene, and Joy). Thank you for making her last days as peaceful as could be.

There will be a celebration of her life from 3:00-5:00 p.m. Friday, May 2nd, at Central United Protestant Church, Richland. The family has requested that instead of sending flowers please make a donation to the American Lung Association or the Kadlec Medical Foundation for further research on Acute Interstitial Pneumonia.

Express your thoughts and memories in the online guestbook at

I've now seen two PRIME TIME NATIONAL NETWORK TV COMMERCIALS for the Red Bull Air Races, encouraging people to attend at either San Diego or Detroit. That's marketing!

By the way, every race has network TV coverage on Fox Sports.