I've been checking airfare to the Unlimited race sites. A month ago, ticket prices were OK. I checked two weeks ago and every ticket had risen by roughly $200. I waited. Then, I went back to check on Monday, and they had risen again. I was frustrated. Finally, today I went to book them and, you guessed it, they'd gone up again.

Some prices were DOUBLE what they were a month ago.


Anonymous said...

I had the same thing happen to me last year with my tickets. It turned out that these travel sites store cookies in your browser so if you keep checking for flights or stay on the sites longer the prices go up.

A friend of mine, who travels a lot, warned me about this unscrupulous practice last year. I had ticket prices going up in the same session of checking between when I searched for a flight and when I clicked to book it. Maybe about 5 minutes went by and they went up. Complete BS.

My friend also said to check late at night for better fares. Turned out he was right, I checked late in the evening after clearing my browser cookies and not only got a better price but found better flights the search I made in the afternoon somehow failed to turn up. No wonder customer satisfaction for air travel is so low. I have yet to find one thing you don't get screwed on with air travel now.

I'm not saying that's the only reason the prices are going up, fuel costs and the whole disaster the airline industry is right now are probably factoring into it too. But just be on the lookout for practices like this because it is real.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is I'm glad I flew from Seattle to Evansville last year. These gas prices are insane this year. Have you tried checking other airports in the area? I actually flew to Nashville and rented a car and still came out a couple hundred ahead of flying straight into Evansville. Sure, I drove 150 mi. but had a car with good mileage so it was worth it. The previous comment gave some food for thought on booking a flight. Good stuff, I'll remember that the next time I fly.