U-37 Beacon Plumbing is offering membership in its 2008 Fan Club, including:

  • U37 Membership Card
  • 2008 U37 Lapel Pin
  • 8x10 action photo of Jean Theoret and the Miss Beacon Plumbing
  • Invitation to theseason kickoff party at the U37 shop
Registration form [ PDF ] >>


Anonymous said...

Jean Theoret has the driving skills to be one of the best ever. Will he ever achieve that? Is the boat holding him back or is he just not there yet?

HydroInsider.com said...

After much consideration, I deleted a comment that was negative about a major hydroplane racing sponsor. However, you may be interested in reading the information yourself.
It comes from a KING-TV investigation showed some troubling things about Beacon Plumbing.