I have no back story, location, date, or photographer info, but here's a great photo that was emailed to me of the U-8 Tide.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo. If you look closely you'll see a round white dot near the top. That's a hole for hanging the calendar that this picture came from.

Somebody from Unlimiteds Detroit might know the photographer since they printed the photo in their 1995-96 calendar. It must have been taken at the '94 Gold Cup in Detroit (Nate Brown's name appears just below the Tide's cockpit window)

The same photo (hole and all) also appears in the U-8 website's photo gallery.

Anonymous said...

I remember that corner well... I told myself, Bad corner good picture... I think my neck still hurts from the landing. :)


Anonymous said...

I believe that's a Jim Vota photograph. Jim was the premier hydro photog back in those days.