I am working on a weekly Hydrocast... A TV style sportscast focusing on Unlimiteds. What should be in it?


Anonymous said...

First off, you are my hero.
Thank you for everything you do.
ABRA should be sending you checks in the mail for you work.

I would love to see tours of current shops and reports about off season hull work.

In season repair sessions would be neat to see.

Tech stuff with crews regarding dynoing motors, setting up the boat to qualifing as apposed to racing.

I guess more stuff with the sports personalties and legends. Stuff the ABRA can;t seam to figure out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Based on the type of interest there always seems to be regarding the boats of the past, it would be neat to a "Where are they now?" segment that serves to talk on some of the boats of the past and what made them special (or not so special). New fans could be interested in the old technology and how you could still make a pretty good and fast boat design without the help of computers. That coupled with the hydro news of the day would be neat.