Hopefully it's just an early season shake-out, but there were 21 DNS (Did not start) or DNF (Did not finish) between the 9 Unlimited Lights at Firebird Raceway.


Anonymous said...

That's one of the reasons the lights will never challenge the unlimiteds as the top draw.

Anonymous said...

similar things happened at Lake Lawerence. Record course, lots of boats and lots of carnage. Many records were set, as well. But if you don't try, who knows?

Unknown said...

yea, it looks like the unlimiteds before the whispering engines: many dnf's and 40 mph between fast and slow boats. They will get their boats together and put on a good show.

Anonymous said...

Just checked and the boat count for the ULs at Richland will be approximately double of that at Phoenix. Look for a really good show there!

Anonymous said...

1) Who EVER said ULHRA was trying to challenge anyone as a "top draw"? We do what we can with what we have.
2) The DNFs were a bit deceptive. Hopps problems were minor electrical stuff according to Jerry. Muncey's had a fluke electrical thing that ended up hurting the engine, but they ran hard at Pickwick and the problem is cured.

3) I think 40 mph difference might have been between the G/ULs and the LTLs (Hopps 141 - Bud McKay 110) but not between ULs.

4) FYI the UL-72 had 1 DNF all of last season and it was for a fogged up cockpit!

5) The piston boats can be reliable but it takes a high degree of skill and effort. Hopps "Big Wally" 468 supercharged motor has gone as long as 4 or more years without a catastophic failure. A tribute to them and Ed Trihey's skills as an engine builder.

6) There is an unprecidented level of "shifting around" - new to the team/new to the class stuff happening and I know very first hand how even the seamingly smallest problem can sideline your team in a heartbeat. Atomic is right on we will "get it together" and probably as soon as May 17th!