4 weeks till race weekend for the Unlimited Lights! April 25-27 is the earliest season opener in Unlimited Lights history. But what a place to open the season; the same place that Unlimited Lights racing began in 1995; Firebird International Raceway in Chandler AZ, just outside of Phoenix.

Nine to twelve Unlimited Lights teams are expected to compete in the season opener.

The Unlimited Lights National Champion has the option of wearing the UL-1 designation the following season. Co-owner of the UL-72 Joe Frauenheim has announced the team will continue as the 72, so there will not be a UL-1 racing in the 2008 season.

Source: John Lynch, ULHRA.org


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't you accept the UL-1 designation? UL-72 turned it down despite winning the rights last season. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong on this, that it's a tradition with the team that they have always used UL-72 and never accepted the UL-1 designation even when Phil won many times.