Xaudaro and Wilmot Racing Team to test at Spring Training

In this photo you see the final paint scheme coming together on the Jim & Karon Wilmot owned UL-929 hydroplane that will be driven by Vince “X-Man” Xaudaro. The look is completely different from how this boat has appeared in the past.

This photo shows the current UL-929 when it raced in 2000 at San Diego as the UL-21. The Green & Black UL-23 is the new UL-00 of Muncey Racing. Also in the photo are the current UL-98 (the far white boat, UL-14) and the 2007 UL-83 (the red boat, UL136).

Here is the current UL-929 as it raced at San Diego in 2001 as the first ever supercharged Unlimited Light hydroplane and driven by the now retired Nick Badolato. The boat’s look was basically the same when this hull came out of “mothballs” last season. Now, this entirely new black & red paint scheme will be seen on the water for the first time at ULHRA’s annual Spring Training test session. Spring Training, held in conjunction with the Hydroplane and Race Boat Museum and Seafair will feature hydroplane testing from 11:00am till 2:00pm on Tuesday, April 15th at Stan Sayers Pits on Lake Washington. Several Unlimited Light teams will participate along with a pair of vintage Unlimiteds from the museum fleet in a program sanctioned by ULHRA, Inc.

John Lynch
P.R. Director and “Voice” of ULHRA Racing

The latest refurb photos from the UL-929 camp. Jim Wilmot said: It's all done except for engine cover, wings, and small details. Vince is working on modifying his trailer to fit our boat. Our trailer will be transporting the old 929 when it goes to the Tri-Cities for refurb. The final picture is of Vince and our driver -in-training Vince Jr. AKA "Little X-Man" or "Mini -Me"!

Just a little "sounds of the season" - hydro season that is. We're just over two months to Evansville! Click the arrow to listen.

PHOTO: Two of the Elam engines from Tracy Bravold at Whispering Turbines

Promo video for the 9th annual Quake on the Lake which will be held at Pontiac Lake, Michigan, July 18th, 19th and 20th - hydroplane racing, wakeboarding, and waterski championships.

Anybody got the inside scoop on this unidentified picture of hydro crew members flying off the docks from Seattle, 2006? If so, please fill the rest of us in by leaving a comment.

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What this heck is Hydro Poker? Looks like an on-line gambling site that ripped off a picture of a certain well-known red hydroplane and put their logo on it instead. Take a look for yourself >>

WARNING: It's a gambling site. No endorsements from me.

Want to party at the 100th Gold Cup? Book your hospitality tent now! Take a look at the locations, choices, and menus here >>

Prices for basic food, tent, etc. start at:

  • $2,750 for 25 people
  • $5,500 for 50 people
  • $10,000 for 100 people

Erick Ellstrom, crew chief of the U-1 Elam, would like to know if fans would like to see 5 lap preliminary and 7 lap final or a different format. Give Erick your feedback by clicking here >>

PHOTO: Timothy Spahr, Detroit 2007

U-37 team has some new photos for sale in their memoriabilia section on their website. Clicking here will transport you there >>

Photo at right (U-37 at Seattle 2007) isn't one of the ones for sale, but I like it anyway. Credit: Russ McElroy

This photo sequence shows the progression from primer to red for the UL-929. You can also seethe pile of hatch covers that will need to be painted red. Next comes the black and clearcoat will be applied. Then gold stripes, sponsor decals, and numbers to add to complete the package.

Info & Photos: Jim Wilmot

More Photos >>

New video from the U-17 Our Gang Racing team flipping over the hydroplane (in the shop so it's OK).

Thanks to Rob at Our Gang Racing for the OK to post it here.

Attention Race Teams! If you've got pictures to share, email me and we'll post them! So far, we've featured the new paint jobs and off-season work for the U-50, U-22, U-17, U-13, UL-929, UL-00,

Wil Muncey's UL-00 fresh from a new paint job for 2008. John Lynch from ULHRA sent along the full "back story" on the hull which we've posted in the comments section. Interesting read!

Schedule of events for Vintage and Historic hydroplanes has been updated to include more 2008 events>>

U-5 FormulaBoats.com sighting at the Detroit Boat Show. View Photo Gallery from the Detroit boat show >>

Photo Credits: Mary Ann Wilson via Roostertails.net

Imagine hydroplaning a motorcycle across a lake in the Volcano Area of Costa Rica and hitting a floating freestyle motocross ramp. That's what this guy did >>

Group appeals to racing fans to help keep Pastor Riley on the 2008 Hydro Tour. Read the full appeal letter in the comments on this entry.

Update on the rebuild of the UL-929 for 2008 from Jim Wilmot: Ah Progress! Attached photos show Vince (Xaudaro) painting the underside of the new 929 with help from Sara Morris. Tim and Jordan (Van Hollebeke) spent most of an evening sanding and have made countless part and materials runs. Vince has been working every night this week. The engine cover was getting final prep as are the tails. Hey, Karon and I sanded a whole bunch of deck hatches and the canard and tails too!

This picture from Mike Fetscher is looking down into the Evansville Riverfront/Pits. Usual stage is around 13-17 feet in the summer time. Right now the river is in the mid 40's So that puts the pits in about 30 foot of water.

Mike said the water is about 6 inches to a foot below the judges stand, so we could have a race and make the course a three mile oval!

Tickets, pit passes and parking passes are now available on-line for the 2008 Gold Cup in Detroit. To order >>

Joe McCord sent along these pictures of the flooding around the Madison race site. The rain's let up for now.

Garage Sale Find - Hydroplane Racing Trophy
From the Dinosaurs and Robots blog: "I have no idea who 'DR. HITZ' was, or what finally did him in, but I sure am glad that somebody had the good sense to set up a memorial hydro race in his honor. Otherwise, I never would have had a chance to own this 1961 DR. HITZ MEMORIAL CSH 3RD. trophy."

1960's Merlin V12 powered thunderboat "Aggressor" back in the water and making a run after more than 30 years

Kirk Duncan has shown us a few pictures of the really high river levels along the Evansville hydroplane course, but the flooding is hitting hard all over southern Indiana. Roads and schools closed, evacuations.

In fact, the bad weather is affecting some 25 states and has left 13 people dead.

PHOTO: NBC Nightly News

From the Madison Came Running website, photos shows the Judges Stand & Bill Cantrell Memorial more in the middle of the river than on the edge. It's raining again in Madison and the river's WAY up already.

The Unlimited Lights certainly are doing some things to make some noise these days and give fans something to talk about. Now, they're doing something to outfit fans as well. The ULHRA website reports they've struck a deal with "Lake Trash" to be the Official Clothing line of Unlimited Lights hydroplane racing.

Update on the new UL-929: The boat is all in primer and the crew is going to build a greenhouse to act as a paint booth so they can do the final paint work themselves.

PHOTO: Graphic representation of the new paint job, info from owner Jim Wilmot

Featured Video on the ULHRA website is a trip to David Warren's G-329 shop. Jim Wilmot says there's details about many construction and boat tuning issues that should interest any hydro fan.

Upcoming features will be interviews with Bo and Patti Darling, Kayleigh Perkins, and J. Craig Fletcher at the display at the Mercer Island half marathon registration day and a complete feature with Rob Graham of Graham Trucking at his Seattle office.

Need another off-season fix? U-17 Our Gang Racing driver Kip Brown will be at the Tacoma Boat Show this weekend. He'll be part of the UL-8 Boattrader.com Unlimited Light racing team. Kevin Eacret and Kip are c0-drivers of the UL-8, but Kip is also scheduled to drive the U-17 Unlimited Hydroplane in 2008.

The UL-8 boat will also be on display.

More details at ULHRA and Tacoma Dome Boat Show >>
Photo: ULHRA.org

Yet more video of the U-37 test run on Lake Washington in Seattle.

Mike Webster working on the U-22 Unlimited Hydroplane. Mike and the Webster Racing team are converting the hull known as "Tubby" from a piston to turbine boat. More info from Kirk Duncan >>

More Tri-City Water Follies posters... 1974, 1975, 1976, 1978

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Posters from Water Follies in Tri-Cities, WA from the 60's and 70's, including the Gold Cup in 1973. We'll post a few more in a few days...

We're very excited to announce that Steve Montgomery and Mark Allen will anchor KNDO/KNDU and HydroInsider.com's coverage of the 2008 Lamb Weston Columbia Cup. It's great to work with the best in the business!

The U-37 was out making new fans recently, taking the boat and crew to meet with students at Visiting St Pius in Mountlake Terrace, WA.

NOTE: Follow the link then click on the March 2008 Visit to St. Pius

PHOTOS: Todd Tamayao

U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison driver Steve David has been a successful real estate broker and trainer for decades. Recently, he presented a seminar on becoming more successful in the real estate business. Great tips for just about anyone in sales and he does bring in a story or two from racing.

Watch the video >>

Steve David Photo by Jim Simpson

Excerpt from Modern Marvels on the History Channels does a segment on Hydroplanes featuring Dave Villwock and explains how the engine drives the boat.

KIRO-TV's coverage of Heat 1C at Seafair 2007 is featured on the Seafair website right now. Watch Heat 1C (U-1, U-5, U-13) >>

Seafair Race Photo: Russ McElroy

Chip Hanauer is featured in a new TV campaign about saving energy in the Seattle area along with other "local celebrities." Watch it here >>

The U-22 Webster Racing website has a diagram and explanation of hydroplane technology and how it all works together to make Unlimited Hydroplanes the fastest race boats in the world.

Check out Hydroplane Technology>>

There's also a great video on the U-22 home page, aimed at sponsors, but containing some great hydro footage from Kirk Duncan and Mike Fetscher.

The U-3 website, which has been dormant for a while, has now been replaced with a "holding page" by Network Solutions . A search of the Network Solution database shows that U3racing.com expired on March 1st. If the team wants to renew it, they need to do so immediately...

The 3/14 edition of the E-RCU newsletter reports: "It's the webmaster's understanding that plans are for the U-48 Lakeridge Paving, the primary hull in the Go Fast Turn Left team, to run the full six-race schedule in 2008."

PHOTO OF U-48 IN TRI-CITIES, 2007: Mick Washburn