There's been increasing "buzz" lately about changes to the run-up to start. The talk revolves around making drivers stay on plane longer and also having to maintain higher minimum speeds before the start.

Don't know if it's just talk or if there are changes in store for 2008. Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Clock start is a great thing in hydroplane racing only motorsport that uses the clock format which gives hydroplane racing its own identity, cutting the course. Not nascar/indycars can duplicate that. how about no boats passing the exit pin off of turn 1 before 55 seconds prior to start? the boats would have lanes set at that time and 6 boats coming to the start at speed is the best for hydroplane racing not 2 or 3 boats parked 10 seconds before start does not look good not the same excitment?

Anonymous said...

How about the ABRA picking a speed limit boats would have to stay above 20 seconds before start like 100mph? you fall under that speed 20 second penalty for the boat that dropped below the limit? I would think speed could be monitored by computer going to the start finish line judge so you could have instant feedback?

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Fighting for lane position is just as exiting as the race itself. Next, we will be telling boat owners & drivers what kind of hair style they must wear to start the race. It is no wonder why we can't get new race sites. Leave things alone. It's a shame that a few poor sportsmen are crying over the dumbest things. There is nothing wrong with a boat going slow to start the race. It is actually amazing to see how these boats can slow down and speed up. leave the excitement alone !