Greg Walden and the team at Atomic Screen Print in Kennewick have been deeply involved in hydro racing for some time. Most recently, they created the 100th running of the Gold cup logo. They are also handling merchandising for the 2008 Gold Cup, 2008 Evansville Freedom Festival, and for the ABRA. We suspect they'll also handle this year's Columbia Cup as they have in the past.

They have also created and sold products for a number of teams, including the U-21 Freedom Racing, U-13 Spirit of Detroit, and Ed Cooper's U-3. If you need something produced, it's worth talking to Atomic Screen Print.

Last year, they jumped into the boat ownership ranks buying an Unlimited Light. Greg says they're repairing it for 2008 competition.

Great collage of unlimited hydroplane racing photos from Walt Ottenad at

Thanks to everyone who gave us the opportunity to take some great shots in 2007 and wishing everyone a safe 2008...

Walt Ottenad Northwest Speedshots

Click on the photo for a larger version. Makes for a nice screen saver, too.