Nashville is the first race site for 2008 in May. "We think having Nashville open the season in May will help the promoters bring in the crowd we hope to have for this race," said ABRA's Sam Cole. "This will be an early start to our season but we need to get more races on the circuit early so we can start to generate more excitement for the entire season, not just a seven week period."

PHOTO: Last time the hydros raced at Nashville

Marengo Cave in southern Indiana - featured in the movie Miss Madison - to be featured in a new movie.

A car which belonged to speed king Sir Malcolm Campbell was auctioned off for more than $240,000 US. Campbell broke the world land speed record nine times in the 20's and 30's. His son Donald while trying to become the first man to break 300 mph on water, when his Bluebird turbo-jet hydroplane crashed.