Video clips from Valleyfield, Quebec in 2006. About halfway through the video, you can see the damage to the U-1 Elam Plus when it ran aground.

Photo (right): Archives
Video (below):
Kevin Hart posted on Google Video.

From the Archives:

"We broke some hardware that held the skid fin on. It let go," said Dave Villwock, U-1 Elam driver. "Then a second and a half later, I was looking at the entire crowd of Valleyfield."

Villwock says he managed somehow to turn the boat to the right. "Then I saw a patrol boat. I'm trying to get control away from them." He did, but not before hitting head-on into a rock on the shore.

"I was elated to get past it (the patrol boat)," he said. "I didn't care that much that I hit that rock. The patrol boat had no place to go."

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