The old U-6 Oberto hull, retired in 2006, is being spruced up at Clifty Engineering. Steve David reports that if all goes as planned and funding is in place, the 88 hull will serve as a backup and display for the 08 season.

The San Diego hydroplane races almost didn't happen this year. And if they almost went away forever. The city had told Regatta board members if they missed once, the event was done for good, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The San Diego hydroplane races have been haunted by money trouble for years. They stopped racing for several years until driver Bill Muncey put together a group to keep it going in the 70's.

In recent years, there's been hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, $70,000 in fines from the IRS, four years without a corporate sponsor, and board members who had to write personal checks to keep the race alive. It's amazing the 2007 races happened at all.

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