Wonderful video from KOMO-TV in Seattle. They followed Nate Brown & the U-17 for several months as they raced against time to get the boat ready to run at Seafair.

Ken Warby says it's his last run in the boat that owns the world record for speed. He's retiring after an exhibiton in Chattanooga, TN this weekend. The jet-powered Miss Aussie holds the record at 317 mph.

Warby won't be trying to break the record. He called it a demonstration run.

He told WDEF-TV "There is no one on this earth at the moment that can break it (the record) and I've been waiting 30 years for someone to do it and it hasn't happened. Now's the time to quit." Full article from WDEF >>

Our Gang Racing is adding another T-55 engine to the U-17 Miss Red Dot / USNW Express fleet as a back-up for 2008. Tracy Bratvold at Whispering Turbines also has the team's main engine and is re-installing the hot end that was loaned to the U-16.

PHOTO: The U-17 Miss Red Dot / USNW Express was shown all around Issaquah, WA the week of Salmon Days and in the parade even won the second place award for wheeled units. The hydro in the background of the photo is Kip Brown and his Morgan Motors 5 liter that he campaigned this year. Kip takes over as driver of the U-17 for 2008.