Here are a couple shots from Saturday’s Lake Chelan running of the vintage boats. In attendance were two Thriftway’s, Oberto, Miss Burien, Miss Bardahl. Long-time crew members on the Miss Budweiser went for their first unlimited hydroplane ride including Mike and Jeff Cambell who helped Dixon Smith with the restoration of the Bardahl. Also Hydroplane, Inc’s Mark Smith also took the Bardahl for a run.

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Unlimited Lights racing has announced a new race site for 2008: On the Missouri river near Chamberlain, South Dakota on July 12 & 13th.

On the map to the right, it's where I-90 intersects the Missouri River

Kim Gregory said he wouldn't be opposed to selling his backup boat. He bought it from Steve Woomer's estate several years ago.

Former crew chief and Miss Bud crewman John Rice has been hired by USA Racing and joining the U10 team full-time in Las Vegas.