Erick Ellstrom said in his website's forum that they will be doing some pre-season testing on new design concepts to incorporate into a new hull in the future. He said a new hull is set for the U-1 Elam team for 2010 "depending on the power plant."

UPDATE on the UL race. Greg Hopp may or may not race. He's still fighting a rib injury. If he can't go, Jerry Hopp will drive the UL-1. The team could still wrap up a national championship (5 in a row?), but Greg would almost certainly not win the driver championship if he can't race.

Kayleigh Perkins would be in the driver's seat for the drivers title - she's #2 now and just 222 points back from Greg. But she would have to hold off Vince Xaudaro. Vince is only 109 points behind Kayleigh despite smashing up his boat and having a broken tailbone, thereby missing races.

But... Vince says he's ready to race, according to ULHRA's John Lynch, and he's got a ride: The UL-40 Boat presents Fife RV for Chuck Dow's Thunder Valley Racing Team.

PHOTO: UL-929 aftermath in Silverdale, WA (Jay Dailey, ULHRA)

Mark Weber was re-elected to the APBA board of Directors along with 10 others:

Fred Hauenstein, Jr., Ernie Dawe, J. David Augustine, Sr. ,Edward W. Hearn, Laurie Allen, Bob Wartinger,Tammy Dawe, Jeff Titus, Stanton Fitts, Penny Anderson

The final race for the Unlimited Lights is this weekend in Port Angeles, WA. The points championship is going down to the wire.

Team... UL-1 presents Graham Trucking GT/Happy Go Lucky and UL-72 Miss Boat Electric are separated by only 132 points.

Driver... Greg Hopp and Kayleigh Perkins are separated by only 222 points.

Should make for an exciting weekend.