Dave Villwock takes a look at the damage that sidelined the U-16 in Heat 1A.

Photo: Jack Lowe

Kayleigh and Brian Perkins pose on dock after Kayleigh's testing run Friday in Unlimited Light UL-72. Both will on the shoreline Sunday as Patrick Haworth drives UL-72 and Perkins' weekend in unlimited hydroplane U-21 ended Saturday with a broken gearbox.
Photo: Jack Lowe

Videos of Heat 1A & Heat 1B are posted at HydroInsider.com.
Video by Jack Lowe

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Final Qualifying speeds show Villwock and Theoret at the top.

The trouble with the U-21 on Saturday was a gear box. Don't know if the same issue that's nagged them at the last couple of races. In the Tri-Cities, it was smoking constantly and they had to limit water time to avoid overheating it. It forced the team to withdraw from 1B Saturday at SD, but should be OK for Sunday.

U-16 spun a turbine and snapped a blade on the prop which chewed up the boat in heat 1A. Announcer Steve Montgomery said it blew through the cowling in two locations on the cowling and the bottom of the boat. The crew will work to patch it up, and put in a new engine, overnight and expects to be fine.

1b results

1. U1
2. U6
3. U10
4. U48
DNS. U21

1a results

1. U37
2. U13
3. U25
4. U5
DNF. U16

U37 didn't get a qualifying speed Saturday due to repeated N2 fuel violations. He made up for it Saturday, racing to the top of ladder. Jean Theoret posted a 163.371 mph qualifying time.

Other improvements to times from Friday:

U5 ... 161.001
U21 ... 152.191
U10 ... 158.951

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