Greg Hopp's not driving an unlimited this weekend. The U-100 team opted out of San Diego. Hopp usually does double duty at race sites driving Unlimiteds and Unlimited lights.

But Greg got banged up in a water sports accident and has decided to give some of the UL-1 Festool presents Graham Trucking GT/Happy Go Lucky seat time to Jerry Hopp. Could hurt Greg in the driver points - he's only several hundreds points ahead of Kayleigh Perkins, who shares seat time in the UL-72 Miss Boat Electric.

Not sure who will be racing the UL-72. Kayleigh took one of the qualifying runs today. Driver Patrick Haworth took two. Haworth ran the boat in Valleyfield. Kayleigh's driven it the rest of time, including a win at Silverdale, WA.

The U-16 Elam Plus team said it's going to be testing some equipment here for the 2008 season during timing runs.

U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto drive Steve David said they've got new equipment they want to put in place for the 2008 season as well. "We're going to be even better next year," he said.

Still, nobody's looking past San Diego. Villwock said the problems they had in Seattle are behind them and they are ready to run at peak performance in San Diego. The boat just didn't seem to have the blazing speed its had all season at Seafair. "We had everything worked out before the final in Seattle," Villwock said.

"We really want to win here," said David.

San Diego weather forecast looks good.

Highs of 72, partly cloudy. Winds are forecast to kick up to 10mph after noon on both Sat & Sunday.

New photos from San Diego at>>

Qualifying at the end of the day on Friday:

  1. U-16 162.103
  2. U-6 159.798
  3. U-5 158.867
  4. U-13 151.757
  5. U-10 151.732
  6. U-21 150.235
  7. U-25 148.079
  8. U-48 147.183

U-37 had N2 violation on all runs. U-1 did not get out on the water Friday. Mike Allen and U-1 are in the pits.

LIVE STREAM IS NOW ACTIVE. - click on the LIVE STREAM graphic.

live stream update... we have the dsl line connected in SD, have the encoder connecting... getting closer! I am now officially optimistic.

Jack Lowe's webcam at the races...

Qualifying update...

  1. U-16 162.103
  2. U-6 159.798
  3. U-5 159.732
  4. U-21 156.106
  5. U-13 151.757
  6. U-10 151.732
  7. U-25 148.079
  8. U-48 147.183

U-37 has had two runs both flagged for N2 violations. U-1 is ready, but not on the water yet.

Qualifying update

U13... 149.263

U10, U37... N2 violations

Phone company is on site now... Trying to install dsl. Grrr. Should have been in and up earlier in the week.

Live stream.. Everything read to go on our end... Phone company hasn't activated the dsl line on site... Trying to get them to do it.

Results of the "Who will win SD" poll on More than 200 people voted. 50% said Villwock, Theoret or David will NOT win. We'll see!

13% Dave Villwock & U16 Elam Plus
14% Jean Theoret & U37 Beacon Plumbing
23% Steve David & U6 Oh Boy! Oberto
50% Someone else

Watch the commercial for the San Diego races that is running locally.

CLICK HERE to watch >>

Working on the live audio stream... stand by... as you would expect, it's a little bit of a struggle, but we'll get there!

Official boat names and drivers...

Mike Allen, New Orleans, LA

Jeff Bernard, Gig Harbor, WA

U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison
Steve David, Lighthouse Point, FL

U-10 Miss Ahern Rentals
David Bryant, Mesa, AZ

U-13 Spirit of Detroit
J. Michael Kelly, Puyallup, WA

U-16 Miss Elam Plus
Dave Villwock, Auburn, WA

U-21 Miss All Access Presented by Southwest HiReach
Brian Perkins, Black Diamond, WA

U-25 Superior Racing
Dr. Ken Muscatel, Seattle, WA

U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing
Jean Theoret, Ville de Lery, QB

U-48 Miss Lakeridge Paving
David Williams, Kent, WA