Thursday update from the pits... On-site so far:

  • U-1
  • U-5
  • U-6
  • U-10
  • U-13
  • U-16
  • U-25
  • U-37

U-21 is based in SD, so we're not worried there. Dave Williams confirmed the U-48 will be there. So it looks like we'll have 10 to go racing!

San Diego is not alone in its financial "fine-tuning" for race sites:

About San Diego: "This is not unlike any other corporation or race site," said U-16 Elam Plus driver Dave Villwock. "They need to make adjustments financially and they are doing just that."

About Tri-Cities: "Every single decision we made in the Tri-Cities had to fit our agenda - maximize revenue and minimize cost," said Kathy Balcom, Water Follies.

About Detroit: "We're getting down to the nitty gritty," said Mike Weber, Detroit Regatta.

Thanks for the input. We're changing the graphic...! That's why I asked!

Here's a piece of artwork for our website that doesn't look quite right to me. Can anybody fill me in - what's this boat in the graphic and is there a story behind it? I'm sure there is. EMAIL:

Steve David, talking about racing at the different venues throughout the season. "Every race course changes, you can see it (in Seattle)... skilled veterans had some problems. Unlike a race car, the water’s always different... the air temperature, air density, the waves, every lap is different."

"It’s the equivalent of running the Indy 500 with speed bumps and they move them every lap."

Map of the Course at San Diego.
Click the picture for a slightly larger view.

Unlimited Hydros are back, following the surprise finish of '06
LINK: San Diego Union Tribune

How fast can this race course be? When Dave Villwock won the race in San Diego in 2001, his average speed topped 173 mph. Yes, that set a record that still stands.

"2 and a half mile course, wide corners, lots of room," said Villwock. "It's a driver's course."

"The water is so nice for everybody that is racing whether they're first, second or third," said Jean Theoret. "It's easy to drive and easy to be competitive."