U-10 USA Racing Partners drive David Bryant was busy during the break between Seattle and San Diego. He won the APBA National Championship in both the pro-stock and super-stock classes in Long Beach, CA.

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On Monday, Mike Allen got the official go-ahead from doctors to race again. He'll be in San Diego along with the T5 hull / U-1 FormulaBoats.com.

Mike said he flips a boat once every 10 years, so to have two accidents in one season was unbelieveable. He already had screws in his hand and wrist when he went over again in Detroit.
Photo: Mike with cast in the Tri-Cities in July

Not much, but there's a mention of the SD hydro race in the newspaper today in San Diego.
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U-37 Beacon Plumbing drive Jean Theoret on how long he can keep driving hydroplanes: "As long as god give me the desire to do it, the good health, and a good race team like the Schumachers."

"As long as you're enjoying yourself and physically able to do it, and have the possibility of winning, it's pretty much limitless."

Some good natured teasing on the ABRA conference call today, U-37 Beacon Plumbing driver Jean Theoret was talking about driving on the saltwater of San Diego, which can cause problems if it gets into the engine cowling. "You have to be cleaner as far as racing, try not to cut anybody off or let anybody cut you off."

U-16 Ellstrom's Elam Plus driver Dave Villwock jumped in to say "I think that's important, that nobody cuts anybody off before the start..."

Theoret, of course, did just that to Villwock in the finals at Seattle. A slow start put water up on the canopy. "Lost the vision, lost the course, cut off Dave," said Theoret. Villwock's boat got washed down and his engine stalled. Theoret was DSQ'd. Villwock took fourth after getting the engine re-started.

With the SD race site not paying the fee for unlimiteds to run there, the U3, U100, U1 & U5 had originally said they'd stay away. Ted Porter at Formula Boats decided to race the U1 & U5 FormulaBoats.com. Now, there's some buzz that Fred Leland will reverse his decision and run the U100 MirageBoats.com.

As several people said to me, Fred's said he wasn't going to show up before... then shown up. I suppose we'll know when the boats are in the pits.

If you see the boat on the road or hear anything else, please email me. Thanks!
Photo by Russ McElroy: U100 MirageBoats.com