A quick congratulations to Walt Ottenad. Four of his photos were winners in the photojournalism category at the 2007 Puyallup Fair Washington State Photographers Competition - two of the photos featured hydros.

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Walt and Lisa Courneya (another terrific photographer) from NW Speed Shots worked out of the KNDU-TV RV in the Tri-Cities and we were honored to post a number of videos up on HydroInsider.com and use them on KNDU-TV's hydro broadcast. He's developed in an incredibly creative approach to on-board cameras which are a real break-through.

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Have to give credit where credit is due. Mark Sharley reported this first on the Unlimitedsondown board, but we're such a fan of Walt's work we wanted to make sure we said congrats as well!

Do drivers get nervous before the race?
Dave Villwock photo from Owen Blauman

How are we doing the live streaming audio from San Diego to your computer? Easy.

Signal goes from the PA to Steve Montgomery's laptop... to the internet on a phone line we installed in SD. Then it goes to a server in Richland, WA. Then over to our TV station in Kennewick, WA. Through our system, then out to a server farm in NYC. Then to your computer.

If the signal had to travel a straight line the whole route... and then you were listening in Evansville, Indiana... the signal would have gone 3,984 miles to get to your home. What can possibly go wrong?!?

Here's a diagram.

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As U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto driver Steve David gets ready for San Diego: "I really feel 'at one' with the Oberto now"

David said losing to David Bryant in the U-10 Hoss Mortgage Investors in Seattle in Heat 2B allowed them to make the adjustments they needed to win the finals.

Wow. Check out the video on the U28 website... if this doesn't get you pumped up for unlimited hydroplane racing, nothing will!