There are now reports that the FormulaBoats team (U-1 & U-5) may be headed to San Diego after all, but I have been unable to confirm this so far...

Bill Moore has found more hydroplane parts in the Columbia River.

Thanks Kirk Duncan for the info

Attending the San Diego races:
A potential big-name investor and sponsor is taking a look first-hand at the way a race weekend evolves. This sponsor, a national luxury car manufacturer, would potentially tie in directly as a name sponsor for a new race site. Also on hand, reps from the potential race site (think major city, West Coast).

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Yes, there will be unlimited hydroplane racing at San Diego this year. But there may only be 8 boats showing up for the final race. Three race teams - four boats - may be opting out of the final race. At the heart of the matter is money - who pays for what and when.

I've gotten this info confirmed from five different, independant sources, none of whom want to named. That always makes me a little uncomfortable. If you know of anything that isnt' quite right, or inaccurate, in the article, please email me asap. Thanks.

There may be some big news about to break out of San Diego... working on it today... stay tuned.