Couple of interesting things on Tim Torrance's Hydro Show on WORX radio this week:

ABRA's SAM COLE said not only is he optimistic about the future and adding more sites, he's confident it will happen as early as 2008. "I think you'll see a new site or two next year," said Cole.

U-100 MIRAGEBOATS.COM DRIVER GREG HOPP did a little more than hint about a new boat. Hopp said "I hope we're going to build a new one over the winter." signed on as a multi-year sponsor this year. Hopp said he's optimistic they'll continue on. And that may pave the way for a new one. "Hopefully, get a new boat for next year," he said.

Some great photos from Celina, OH 2007 by James Crisp show U-5 and driver Jimmy Shane taking a spin and his sister, Kelly, winning the Governor's Cup.