Point standing through Seattle show Villwock & U16 on top:

Story: Villwock & U16 have a virtual lock on the U-1 designation for 2007:

Photo: Timothy Spahr

From Kirk Duncan:

Race the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto hydroplane on-line with this "hidden" game at the Oberto website. Go to: http://www.oberto.com/our_brands/

You do have to sign up at the website, but after you do that, click on the "Beef Jerky" logo (like the one at the right) .Then click on the Oh Boy! Oberto to enter the game and sign up.

Steve Montgomery & Mark Allen will be doing the play-by-play on the P.A. system for the San Diego races. Steve is working on turning it into a live stream. If that happens, we'll be re-broadcasting here at HydoInsider.com.

Ticket info for San Diego race:

U-17 Red Dot will not be heading to San Diego.

Before the season, Nate Brown told us the plan was "Race in Tri-Cities. Race in Seattle. Then hang it up." The boat wasn't quite ready for Tri-Cities, but Nate ran strong in Seattle - topping 143 mph right out-of-the-box and placing second in the provisional heat. Now, he's officially retired and turning over the driving duties to nephew, Kip Brown.

Kip's story at: http://kndu.com/Global/story.asp?S=6294071&nav=menu484_4_6

Nate's retirement announcement at: http://kndu.com/Global/story.asp?S=6889213&nav=menu484_4_6

Photo at right: Kip working on the U-17