ABRA: Theoret & U-37 was disqualified because of his move on Villwock in the run-up to the start.

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Seafair 2007 Finals - Official Results

1. U-6 Steve David
2. U-10 David Bryant
3. U-13 J. Michael Kelly
4. U-16 Dave Villwock
5. U-5 Jeff Bernard
6. U-25 Ken Muscatel (started as trailer)
DSQ. U-37 Jean Theoret

Photo - Russ McElroy

Villwock said Theroret came in on him right before the race start and "hosed him down" causing his engine to stop. He had to re-start. Still, he gave Steve David a hug and congratulated him on the team's first win in the new U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto.

Seafair 2007 Finals - Unofficial Results

1. U-6 Steve David
2. U-10 David Bryant
3. U-13 J. Michael Kelly
4. U-16 Dave Villwock
5. U-5 Jeff Bernard
6. U-37 Jean Theoret
7. U-25 Ken Muscatel (started as trailer)

Unlimited Lights Final:

UL-1 Greg Hopp wins the finals. UL-72 Kayleigh Perkins took second. 19-year old Kayleigh on KIRO-TV: "I can't believe I got to race here at Seafair." Not only did she race, she almost won.

1. UL-1
2. UL-72
3. UL-6
4. UL-17
5. UL-8
6. UL-929
7. UL-33
8. IL-98
DNF. UL-74

Provisional Heat Unofficial Results
Winner gets to be in the final in trailer position

1. U-25 Ken Muscatel
2. U-17 Nate Brown
3. U-48 David Williams
4. U-21 Brian Perkins
5. U-1 Jimmy Shane
DNS. U-9 Chris Bertram

Every boat jumped the gun!

Jimmy King said U-3 done for day. Air trap cracked.

Blue Angels performing at Seafair - Photo: Russ McElroy

Final Heat matchup (in order of points):

U-5 Jeff Bernard.......1025
U-16 Dave Villwock......1000
U-6 Steve David.......925
U-37 Jean Theoret.......800
U-13 J. Michael Kelly.......769
U-10 David Bryant.......752

U-100 Greg Hopp also had 752, but U-10 gets in based on qualifying speeds.

Heat 3B Results

1. U-37 Jean Theoret
2. U-16 Dave Villwock
3. U-6 Steve David
4. U-3 Jimmy King
5. U-10 David Bryant
6. U-21 Brian Perkins

Heat 3A Results

1. U-5 Jeff Bernard
2. U-13 J. Michael Kelly
3. U-25 Ken Muscatel
4. U-1 Jimmy Shane
5. U-100 Greg Hopp
6. U-17 Nate Brown

Heat draws: top 12 make the final two heats

3A: U1, U5, U13, U17, U25, U100
3B: U3, U6, U10, U16, U21, U37

Heat 3B looks like a great race. Villwock, David and Theoret head-to-head... plus David Bryant and Jimmy King. Might be the best matchup of the year for a heat race (at least on paper).

The Beacon Plumbing team must have their engine problem fixed. Theoret turned one of the laps in Heat 2C at 150.316mph.

Heat 2C Results

Big win for Theoret... if he had lost, he was out of the final. Someone beat Villwock!

1. U-37 Jean Theoret
2. U-16 Dave Villwock
3. U-21 Brian Perkins
4. U-3 Jimmy King - jumped the gun, one lap penalty

That Heat 2B finish between U-10 & U-6 was within three-tenths of a second. How close was it? Look at the two camera angles from KIRO-TV's broadcast. In one, it appears Bryant wins... in the other, it appears U-6. Wow.

Click on photos for larger size.

Heat 2B Results
Wow - what an incredible race... photo finish!

1. U-10 David Bryant
2. U-6 Steve David
3. U-5 Jeff Bernard
4. U-13 J. Michael Kelly
5. U-1 Jimmy Shane

Heat 2A Results

1. U-100 Greg Hopp
2. U-17 Nate Brown
DNF. U-25 Ken Muscatel
DNS. U-48 David Williams
DNS. U-9 Chris Bertram

Without a Heat 3C, it makes it tough for Jean Theoret and U-37 Beacon Plumbing, who got zero points yesterday after a DNF in Heat 1A.

From ABRA: The Chevrolet Cup at Seafair makes the first two elimination heats extremely important for the unlimited hydroplane teams as the points awarded within them makes entry into heats 3A and 3B possible. Only the top 12 boats after the first two sets will be permitted to move on. After the third grouping, the top six boats will be entered into the final.

Photo: Jean Theoret inspects the damage after Heat 1A on Saturday.

On the KIRO-TV broadcast helicopter shots, you can see the U-37 Beacon Plumbing move into the U-10 Hoss Mortgage Investors after having engine failure in Heat 1A.


Nate Brown in Seattle Times: "I only have one propeller and one gear box and one gear ratio. If something breaks, I'm popping a beer and watching like everyone else."

Brown said boat racing is an addiction that never goes away. "Why do we keep doing it? We're all blithering idiots," Brown said.


Photo: Russ McElroy

Russ's Photo Gallery: http://www.kodakgallery.com/hydroplanes/main/2007_seattle_hydro_pics

Damage to U-9 - Photos: Chris Denslow

Bertram OK after boat flips

News Tribune: “You’re upside-down. You can see a little bit of light from the sun, and the cabin fills up (with water) really quick,” Chris Bertram said. “Initially, you’re a little excited. Then you calm yourself down and breathe."


Photo at right: Chris Denslow

Everett Herald: Bryant doesn't drive like a rookie.