How much alcohol do you have to drink to put yourself into an actual coma?!?
Seattle PI: A Bellingham woman consumed so much alcohol on a boat during Saturday's Seafair festival that she went into a coma and more than 130 people were cited for alcohol offenses over the last two days, a Washington State Patrol spokesman said.

Hydros Showing signs of recovery:

Our video cameras at Seafair were following the leader in Heat 1B, so the video we have of the U9 flip in Heat 1B is mostly the splash and aftermath.

Fortunately, Hydro Photographer Extraordinaire Chris Denslow was right on the spot. Chris sent us a sequence of photos that we've assembled into a slide show and video montage. Thanks Chris!

View it at:

U-37 Jean Theoret said he had an engine failure in the first heat. "I had no way to control the boat," he said. That caused him to run into the U-10 and David Bryant.

The team has spare parts and says they'll be ready to race on Sunday.

Sunday Heat Draws

2A: U9, U17, U25, U48, U100
2B: U1, U5, U6, U10, U13
2C: U3, U16, U21, U37

We have added a new section to - we've got video clips from 10 different on-board cameras on the U-10, U-16, U-37 and the vintage boats for this year's Columbia Cup. Really cool video.

Jack Lowe providing webcam. Thanks Jack.
To view:

Villwock, the Villian:

U-17 launch about mroe than racing:

Heat 1B Restart Results

1. U16 Dave Villwock
2. U25 Ken Muscatel
3. U100 Greg Hopp
4. U17 Nate Brown

Heat 1C Results

1. U5 Jeff Bernard
2. U13 J., Michael Kelly
3. U1 Jimmy Shane
DNS. U21 Brian Perkins

U21 had a gear box problem, may be serious.

U9 Chris Bertram has blown over in Heat 1B. He's OK. Heat will be re-started after 1c.

Heat 1A results

1. U6 Steve David
2. U3 Jimmy King
3. U48 David Williams
4. U10 Dave Bryant
DNF. U37 Jean Theoret

U10 & U37 bumped. U37 has hole and took on water. U10 given a one-lap penalty for collision with U37, but that was later over-ruled when officials looked at video and decided Jean Theoret in U-37 encroached on U10, causing the collision.

Final Qualifying Times

Dave Villwock
U-16 Miss Ellstrom Elam Plus

David Bryant
U-10 Hoss Mortage Investors

Jeff Bernard

Steve David
U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto

Jean Theoret
U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing

Jimmy King
U-3 Hoss Mortgage Investors IIPresents Ronald McDonald House

Ken Muscatel
U-25 Miss Procraft Windows

Nate Brown
U-17 Miss Red Dot/USNW Express

Brian Perkins
U-21 The Plumbing Joint

J Michael Kelly
U-13 Car Pros

Chris Bertram
U-9 Miss Tri Arc Electric Supply

David Williams
U-48 Miss Lakeridge Paving

Jimmy Shane

Greg Hopp

Source: ABRA