Two interesting stories...

U-3 loses prop during Heat 1C. Calls it "lucky." Reporter Scott Reister has the story. Look for it in the flash video box on the right hand side of the page at

Also photos and comments from Nate Brown on why he brought the U-17 Red Dot to the Tri-Cities when it's not finished being built or ready to run. Also photos of the unique air intake design on the hydro. Story at:

Heat draws...
Heat 2A

Heat 2B

Heat 2C

Sunday live stream starts at 10am PT with taped versions of Heats 1A 1B 1C then on to live racing. Cool video from on board of U10 during first win.

DNS. U48. David Williams says electrical problem. Boat's fine now. Fired up on the sled at the 5 min gun but too late to race.

U3 lost a prop - you could hear a series of loud pops on the shore - boat will be ready for Sunday they say.

Heat 1C
1. U37
2. U9
DNS. U48

Jimmy King led across start line then went dead on backstretch.

Villwock: "running about the best we can right now... More work tonight though"

Heat 1B
1. U16
2. U21
3. U25
4. U100

Greg Hopp and U100 jumped the gun... One lap penalty. U25 went dead but restarted. Villwock: "lot rougher than before"

David Bryant U10: "Boat fast ran well... Hooked hard in turns." 1st heat win.

Heat 1a
1. U10
2. U13
3. U1
4. U6
5. U5

U6 & U5 jumped the gun - one lap penalty

Heats will be streamed live with announce today!!

Heat 1a

Heat 1B


To answer some email questions... Blog updates are being done in the pits via text messaging on my Treo 650 phone. Pictures are a $50 Kodak digital camera.

Driver meeting now heat draws soon

U25 149.065

In a minute we're going to stream a story about the black light checking the prop...pretty cool... Watch the live stream.

U-10 team is now officially the Hoss Mortgage for the weekend. After each heat, the team pulls the prop off, put chemicals on it and then take it in under the black light to check for cracks.

At the race in Madison, they lost a blade, and took off a gear box and part of the bottom - cost them about $100,000 and forced them to miss Detroit, said co-crew chief Adam Gregory. So finding cracks early is a big deal. Rather lose a prop, then lose $100,000. Props run between $10,000 and $16,000.

Jimmy Shane. "I'm trying to get my arm strength back up" he said after a run. "Takes it out of you," I said - "You have no idea," said Jimmy.

The U-21 crew waits for Brian Perkins to come back to the dock after he has officially qualified as a driver.

Brian Perkins said there was a problem with the gear box earlier in the day - it was running hot - a little smoke, but they should be fine.

Kevin Aylesworth said they had capped Brian at 140mph, but the boat was running well so they cut him loose a little bit... "Let's pick it up again," said Kevin. They did. He hit 143+

Brian Perkins is now qualified as a driver! Congrats to the U21 team.

U17 Nate Brown said "We're here. Still a lot of work." U17 won't make it in the water this weekend, but hopefully for Seattle.

recap... Sat AM qualifying times

U5 157.695
U10 156.052
U3 155.215
U1 141.182
U21 140.682
U100 143.357

U13 time of 157.861 was disallowed due to N2 violation.

The new U-17 Red Dot from Nate Brown. Click on the photos for bigger pictures. The new air intake design is similar to what the U-37 tested.

Some cool on board camera video will be fed on the live stream shortly...

LIVE STREAM is now active... will be on and off during the day today... go to

U-21's Brian Perkins got a couple of laps in, including one topping 140.

Question to Kevin Aylesworth: "Nervous at all about a young driver in a new boat?"
Answer: "We got a million dollar boat and we're putting a young kid in it. What do you think?" He said it with a smile and a laugh.

The temp in the suit and cockpit is about 25 degrees hotter than ambient temperature. So when the temps close to 100 degrees, it can be draining. I asked Dave Bartush if that's why J. Michael Kelly in the U-13 is so thin, Dave said: "No, it's because we don't feed him." Another crew member said "no win, no eat." Tough program!

Photo - Mick Washburn
U-13 in at 157.861

Jimmy Shane has his first three laps towards qualifying as a driver. Top lap 141+
When I was talking to Jimmy Shane on Friday, people kept coming up asking how he was doing. His response every time was "I'm so excited." Excited to be here and to get this opportunity. Boats now qualified.

U-17 is in the pits - it's here for display. They'll keep working on it here.
Video from TC Herald:

U-3 looked smooth. Good sign. Threw a rod yesterday getting ready for Dash for Cash. Made three laps Sat. AM. 155.215 top lap - better than yesterday's 153.546.

U-10 three strong laps over 150+. Best time 156.052.

David Bryant: "we're getting there."

Jeff Bernard took the U-5 on a strong run - 3 laps over 155. Final at 157.695. "Need to find a little more speed," said Bernard. "We'll get it."

U-6 best 160.510.

Qualifying photos: Mick Washburn

Dash for Cash photos from Mick Washburn

Overnight news...
Electrical work on U-1 (backup hull) is done - will get wet Saturday morning. The U-5 is ready to go, too.

U-3 has a new engine.

U-100 spent all day doing engine work. They say engine's ready, but there's "still work to do."

Madison Courier headline: Atomic Cup kicks off ABRA's second season. Apparently they didn't get the word that the name's been changed back to the Columbia Cup.
Read article at: