A stitched together photo of the U-16 flip in Tri-Cities in 2006. Click the photo for a larger view. Thanks for the photo, Harold!

We had a chance to interview Dave Villwock at length Thursday. Comments on the importance of experience, closing in on the career win record, Chip Hanauer and Bill Muncey, and the fans who dislike him. Watch the videos at HydroInsider.com >>

Friday morning before testing, we'll be taking a ride around the course with U-1's Mike Allen. He'll show us trouble spots and get us caught up on his recovery.

We're testing the LIVE STREAM from the park. It will be active and you can view it from now until 4:15 PT on Thursday. Not the most exciting stuff, but it is live!

Pinky is in the U-3 crew trailer. He's an official member of the U-3 team. If you don't believe it, you can check out his ABRA official credential.

Dave Villwock on the fans who dislike him: "if 51 percent like you and 49% don't, I'm just happy that 100 percent care." When they stop caring, that's when we've got a problem, he said.

On flipping: "At some point, every hydro drive either runs into a bad situation or runs out of talent."

On how long he'll stay racing: "As long as I can physically keep up. " He says right now he's in a good shape and doing well. Hard to argue.

Kevin Aylesworth is back: healthy and with a brand new boat

Broadcast towers and equipment going into place...

we'll have 10 cameras during the live broadcast... there should be a camera on anytime there's a boat on the water.

The 50-foot production truck is from Spokane Sports Television, a network-quality sports production truck that is used to produce Gonzaga basketball games, Arena Football, and college football.

U21 has a new pedal and cable design to cut down on canard vibration. Kevin Ayleworth says fluttering is aproblem above 180mph and new design should help.

Conover Insurance stepped up to sponsor the U9. Good folks. Ryan Kohlbeck of Conover: "We want to make sure community events stay in the community."

Dave Villwock is in the pits. "Ready to go" he said.

Kevin Aylesworth, U21: "We're going to start out at 100mph lap and the build from there."

Th AM pit roll call... Here so far...
U9 is in town

Madison Courier: Flipped Off
Up close with the Formula Boats team