Interesting story about zebra mussels today. The hydro rescue boat was disinfected so that it wouldn't accidentally transport zebra mussels from Detroit or Ohio River into the Columbia. These mussels don't live in the Columbia, but if they're brought in from another river they could clog up the pipes and screens used for juvenile salmon. Could cause the death of salmon and cost BILLIONS of dollars to clean up.

New... and new again... the U-6 lines up next to the U-60 Miss Thriftway replica in the KNDU-TV parking lot.

U-3, U-21, U-6 are in Tri-Cities... plus 4 vintage hydros.

U-25, U-10, U-48 on the way tomorrow.

More pictures of U-21 >>
Interview with Ed Cooper on driving the U-3 across country >>

Sneak preview of the first five minutes (program open) for the Sunday hydro broadcast. Mr. Steve Montgomery is the voice.

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First boat in TC. Ed Cooper and his wife drove the U-3 across country.
"We stay out of drive-throughs," he said.

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