U-10 repaired and ready to go for Tri-Cities.

Story + U-10 screen saver available at: http://kndu.com/Global/story.asp?S=6801366&nav=menu484_4_6

Also, another video episode of "The Milling Period" by Kirk Duncan and Mike Fetscher features U-10 owner Kim Gregory. You can view it at: http://kndu.com/Global/story.asp?S=6801366&nav=menu484_4_6

U-10 photo damage (above, right) by James Crisp

On KNDU.com & HydroInsider.com:

VIDEO: Heavy State Patrol Presence at Water Follies Weekend

VIDEO: Hydro course nearly complete - pits taking shape (w video)

25 years since death of driver Dean Chenoweth at Tri-Cities

James Crisp Pictures & VIDEO of Jimmy Shane (U-1 driver for Tri-Cities) test driving at Celina, OH

UPDATE: Mike Allen recovering after accident in Detroit

LIVE COVERAGE for our web viewers:

5pm PT - play by play of vintage boats and unlimiteds dash for cash between 5-5:30pm PT.
6:30 pm PT - special half hour show live from the pits

We'll tape the unlimited heats and play back in full during Sunday's coverage

Start 10a PT... finish after last heat (5pm?)

All available as a live stream
Details on the live stream >>

Tuesday... Boats are arriving in Tri-Cities already

The U-3 is in town. Owner Ed Cooper is here as well.

U-6 will be in the KNDU-TV parking lot Wednesday night from 5-6:30pm if you want to catch a look... we'll show it live on the 5 & 6pm news... also there will be Miss Thriftway, one of the vintage hydros.

The U-21 - the new boat from freedom racing - will be at Meyers' Auto Tech off Canal Drive in Kennewick on Wed. from 4-6pm. Pic is the boat leaving San Diego from the U-21 Website. Great looking paint job!

UPDATE on Mike Allen's condition >>