Ellstrom Elam crew welcomes back Dave Villwock with a hug and a cheer after winning the Gold Cup. Photo: Jack Lowe

Sunday morning at Gold Cup
Video and interview with Steve David

Quote of the day:
Reporter: "How do you deal with the heat?"
Steve David: "I'm married, so this is nothing."

Photos by U-21's Lee LaFluer of U-1 upside down and rescue crews on the way.

Go to: http://picasaweb.google.com/llafleur1/BestOfTheGoldCup2007%20 for larger photos and more pix from Detroit.

Mike Allen will be taken to the hospital to be checked out. He already has six screws and a metal plate in his wrist and thumb.

Gold Cup - Finals

  1. U-16 Dave Villwock
  2. U-6 Steve David
  3. U-13 J. Michael Kelly
  4. U-25 Greg Hopp

DNF. U-3 Jimmy King
DNS. Jeff Bernard

ABRA: U-5 will not make the start.

Let's re-set for the re-start of the final

Gold Cup Finals
U-3 Jimmy King - moved into front row, replacing U-1 Mike Allen
U-5 Jeff Bernard
U-6 Steve David
U-16 Dave Villwock
U-25 Greg Hopp
U-13 J. Michael Kelly - trailer

Bruce Madej: Allen is stable condition. Being kept in pits for observation. May not need a hospital trip.

ABRA: Finals will be re-run tentatively at 5:15pm ET / 2:15pm PT.

ABRA: Because three laps of the final heat have not yet been completed, the final heat will be re-run in its entirety.

Allen is being treated by emergency personnel at the race site. He was described as "awake and alert."

No time set yet for re-run of the finals. There's debris from the U-1 to clean up. When re-started, the U-3 will reportedly move into the first row. The U-13 is the alternate and may run as the trailer, but I'm not sure because the U-37 has more points than the U-13...?

Jeff Ayler: Allen is awake and alert.

From Brad Luce: Allen brought back to shore in rescue boat, loaded into ambulance.

Still waiting for word on Allen...

Jeff Ayler reports Mike Allen is out of the capsule of U-1.

U-1 Mike Allen has blown over in the finals - red flag out

Points going into finals put U-16, U-6, U-25, U-1, U-5 with U-3 as the trailer.

U-16...1200 points
U-6...925 points
U-25... 825 points
U-1... 769 points
u-5...752 points
U-3... 700 points
U-37... 563 points
U-13... 450 points
U-100... 0 points

Heat 3B - Unofficial Results

1. U-16 Dave Villwock
2. U-1 Mike Allen
3. U-5 Jeff Bernard
4. U-37 Jean Theoret

Theoret was battling for second, just ahead of Allen, when he got caught in Villwock's wash and went inside a buoy and went dead. He got it re-started, but was way too far back to do anything.

Heat 3A - Unofficial Results

1. U-3 Jimmy King
2. U-6 Steve David
3. U-25 Greg Hopp (sitting in for Ken Muscatel)
DNS. U-13 J. Michael Kelly

Heat 3A
U-100 has withdrawn. Done for the weekend.
U-13 will not make the call.

Will be... U-3, U-6, U-25

Hang on race fans!

The N2 violation against the U-5 was overturned. Which means the U-5 won Heat 1B and not the U25.

Officials order of finish in Heat 1B

1. U-5
2. U-25
3. U-6
DNF. U-3

Heard on the P.A......

Dr. Ken Muscatel is not feeling well. He's apparently recruited Greg Hopp to run the U-25. Hopp is being fitted in the cockpit of the U-25. Hopp's U-100 boat withdrew after engine problems.

J. Michael Kelly banged up his arm in the last heat. U-13 took a big hop after it lost some parts. J. Michael said he'll be OK to race.

Heat draws...

U-100 - They are done for the weekend and packing up.


Jack Lowe photo of U-13, losing stablizer and taking a big hop.

Heat 2B - Unofficial Results

1. U-16 Dave Villwock
2. U-25 Ken Muscatel
3. U-37 Jean Theoret - jumped the gun, one lap penalty
DNS. U-100 Greg Hopp

Hopp had to return to the pits just inside the 1:00 mark.

Heard on the P.A. from Steve David.... asked what kind of music he was listening to in the cockpit which has a MP3 player.

"It was from Rocky. Sting is the next heat. A little Harry Chapin in the final"

Heat 2A - Unofficial Results

1. U-6 Steve David
2. U-3 Jimmy King
3. U-13 J. Michael Kelly
4. U-1 Mike Allen
5. U-5 Jeff Bernard

U-3 threw a rod in Heat 1B and the crew had to replace the engine.

U-13 had some damage in Heat 1A, but the crew patched the boat up. U-13 lost the rear wing in the final turn, but kept the boat together to finish third in Heat 2A.

Heat 2A draw

Heat 2B Draw

Muscatel's winning speed in Heat 1B was the slowest winning time this year at 127.212. I quickly scanned all the winning boat average speeds for 2006 and 2005 and couldn't find a slower speed for a win those years either...

Steve David's 1B speed of 149.104, good for second place, was the fastest average speed of the day.

Jeff Bernard was disqualified for N2 violation in Heat 1B. Muscatel & U25 are the winner.

Heat 1B - Official Results

1. U-25 Ken Muscatel
2. U-6 Steve David - jumped the gun, one lap penalty
DNF. U-3 Jimmy King
DSQ. U-5 Jeff Bernard - N2 violation

Heat 1B - Unofficial Results

1. U-5 Jeff Bernard
2. U-25 Ken Muscatel
3. U-6 Steve David - jumped the gun, one lap penalty
DNF. U-3 Jimmy King

On the web:

Hydro trophy is within reach


1. U-16 Dave Villwock
2. U-1 Mike Allen
3. U-13 J. Michael Kelly
4. U-37 Jean Theoret
DNF. U-100 Greg Hopp

Winds calm - right now at zero ... let's go racing!

Heat 1A Draw