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Unlimited heat racing canceled for Saturday

New schedule for Sunday:

8 am- 8:30 Testing
9:40 Heat 1A
10 Heat !B
11:40 Heat 2A
12noon Heat 2B
2:20pm Heat 3A
2:40 Heat 3B
4pm Gold Cup Finals

8 Of course, just after the races were canceled for Saturday, the wind dropped to 4 mph.

Still on HOLD in Detroit
8 Due to winds and river conditions

Wind is easing a bit, down to 15 mph...

Theoret talks about gearbox problem in practice run. Should be OK to race when needed.

Offshore racing boats are on the water today. They run with a two-man crew... a driver and a navigator (or throttle). They are between 39 & 44 feet in length. Auto or turbine engines, revving to 3700 hp.

Wind has actually picked up a bit, gusts at 28 mph... some topping 30mph. Not good.

From ABRA website:

"Should conditions improve, the boats could hit the water today, but race organizers and team officials are discussing running all heats tomorrow. In order for an APBA Gold Cup to be fully sanctioned and recognized, three sets of elimination heats must be run."

From U-6 website:

We have a new gearbox that may help us get our straightaway speed!

From U-13 website:

"We put in a different motor, one of our best props and we went 14mph faster than in our morning session,” stated J Michael Kelly.

From Detroit Free Press:

"We're playing catch-up," David said. "We're trying to learn in three weeks what Elam has learned in three years. Little things make a big difference. The next time I go out, I told them to change the fin angle from 1.8 degrees to 1.5. That's what, a sixteenth of an inch?"

From Detroit News: Jimmy King talking about fans:

"They come by and say, 'You want us to go break Villwock's legs?'" King said, laughing.... "I tell them, 'No, when I win one, I want him right behind me.' Then they'll say, 'You want me to go put a hole in that boat?' and I say, 'No, no, no, I want him there.' "

Temporary hold on unlimited heats due to weather conditions... rough water and wind

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Wind gusts this morning peaking at 21 mph already near Belle Isle.
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