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At Regatta, biggest foe is the river

U-1 has been sighted in Madison, so expect them to be ready to go Saturday morning.

Friday video clips posted at HydroInsider.com. Video by Kirk Duncan and Mike Fetscher.

There is a live camera pointed at the pits. They are promising live coverage, so check it out starting at 9am EST on Saturday.


Dr. Ken Muscatel's back with a different hull this year. Depending on who you talk to, it's the U-25 or the U-2.25 or the U-2.5. It wasn't running particularly well in Evansville and skipped out on some qualifying time trial runs in Madison.

The "generic" paint scheme has raised a few eyebrows, too. What do you think?

Photos: James Crisp

Friday qualifying times

U-16 158.027
U-37 154.418
U-10 150.310
U-6 150.436
U-5 149.882
U-3 149.73
U-13 148.473
U-25 143.586

U13 148.463
U5 149.882

Another set of James Simpson photos are viewable at:

Best speeds so far:

U16 158.027
U37 154.046
U6 150.436
U10 150.382
U25 140.114

From the ABRA website: "Right now the crane for the Oberto and Miss Chrysler is broke down and the 6 is still hanging over the river as she has for about 2 hours now. "

Photo: James Simpson

U6 was first out Friday morning. Unofficial time of 150.436.

U16 clocked in at 157+

Photos: James Simpson
More photos at: http://pdughi.photosite.com/
We'll be adding to this page as we get more.

The Friday before a race. Boats are arriving. Crews are getting ready. There's an energy building. Don't you just love it? The course is open.

The U-37 has a new "thing" on top of the cowling. Looks like some kind of loop. Anybody know what it is or what it does?

Photo at: http://hydrophotog.smugmug.com/gallery/3103499#169994542

More photos at:

Photo of Oh! Boy Oberto Sitting in the Madison Pits
Photo by Marc Wenning