New video posted to YouTube of the U-5 flip in Madison. While it's happening, someone in the background says "that's YouTube right there"

Photo of U-6 at the shop in Madison shortly before leaving for the pits. Courtesy Roger Cline &

Yes, that's driver Steve David sitting on the trailer at the right of the picture.

Anybody able to get onto the U-16 website? It keeps coming up as not available for me.
http://U16hydro.comm - Anybody know anything?

If so, please email me at

If you haven't seen Owen Blauman's photo of the U-37 in mid-air in Evansville, it's a great shot. Here it is.

Also, you can read the article I wrote that goes along with this photo: Increased Competition = Tighter Racing = More Danger at:

In the article, Jean Theoret takes us step-by-step through his flip. Theoret, Dave Villwock, Mike Allen, Jimmy King, Steve David & Sam Cole weigh in on conditions and competition.

Some new articles to get your blood pumping:

Cooper's turbocharged Allison still chewing up turbines:

U-1's Mike Allen fractures his thumb (Video interview):

Barricades and fewer entry points for safety at Madison (Associated Press story):

Madison to include Dash for Cash:

Great photo sequences from Owen Blauman from Evansville [PDF Files]:
U-37 flip

U-5 flip

Thanks again to the fine work of Mike Fetscher, Kirk Duncan and Joe McCord we now have the following videos from Evansville posted at

Heat 1A
Heat 1B
Heat 2A
Heat 2B
Heat 3A
Heat 3B
Provisional Heat
Final Heat

They did a great job of shooting and editing the pieces and each race shows the 5 minute lead-up as well.

We expect to have a live stream from Madison this weekend, so stay tuned!


You may notice the name on the blog has changed location from Evansville to Madison. Week two unlimited hydroplane racing is here!

So far, we have reports of the U-6, U-10, U-16 & U-25 in the pits on Thursday evening.

You can check out the latest river levels at:

And the latest weather forecast at:

Be thankful you're not in the Tri-Cities today. It's 108 currently. Yikes!