Picture of the hole in the right sponson on the U-13. Happened when Steve David in the U-6 and J. Michael Kelley in the U-13 bumped in Heat 1B

Great thanks this weekend to Joe McCord, Kirk Duncan and Mike Festcher. And to everyone that sent photos and info. It really is a team effort!

I'm told that at one point during the late afternoon we had more than 1,200 people on the live stream! Sorry not everybody could get in to watch it. When we get to Tri-Cities and we can use our equipment here at the station, everybody should get the feed. We'll have 10 cameras on the course, Mark Allen & Steve Montgomery calling the play-by-play, a non-stop broadcast all day long, and a network of servers that handle more than 4,000 simultaneous feeds during last year races in Tri-Cities!

Finals Results

1. U-16 Dave Villwock
2. U-37 Jean Theoret
3. U-3 Jimmy King
4. U-100 Greg Hopp
5. U-10 David Bryant
6. U-13 J. Michael Kelley
7. U-6 Steve David

Villwock wins his 10th Evansville Thunder on the Ohio in the last 12 years... 10 in his last 11 races here. U-6 Steve David hit a buoy on the inside and had to take a one lap penalty.

J. Michael Kelley will win the Provisional Heat. The U-1 & U-25 couldn't make the call. Jeff Bernard in the U-5 had to shut the boat down on the course and return to the docks.

Provisional Heat

1. U-13 J. Michael Kelley
DNF U-5 Jeff Bernard
DNS U-1 Mike Allen
DNS U-25 Ken Muscatel

Kelley will run as a trailer in the finals.

Point totals to date:

U16 Miss E-Lam..................1200
U3 Master Tire.....................1000
U6 Oh! Boy Oberto...............869
U100 Mirageboats.com.........750
U37 Miss Beacon Plumbing...700
U10 Miss Ahern Rentals........569
U13 Spirit of Detroit..............479
U5 Formulaboats.com1.........300
U1 Formulaboats.com2.........225
U25 Superior Racing.............0

Provisional heat draw set

Final heat draw set

Plus winner of provisional heat in trailing position

Absolutely great photos of the U-37 & U-5 mishaps from Andrew Wolf.


Great picture of both FormulaBoats.com boat, with the U-5 upside down in the water at:

It's confirmed. Mike Hargrove resigns as Seattle Mariners manager. We have posted the live stream of the news conference (going on right now) at http://www.kndu.com/global/Story.asp?s=6734194

Heat 3B

1. U-16 Dave Villwock
2. U-37 Jean Theoret
3. U-100 Greg Hopp
4. U-10 David Bryant
5. U-13 J. Michael Kelley

Villwock took some air in that same turn where three boats flipped, but was able to pull the boat back down. Theoret's crew did a remarkable job to get the U-37 back together after the flip in Heat 2B.

Heat 3A has been declared official.

1. U-6 Steve David
2. U-3 Jimmy King
U-1 Mike Allen DNF
u-25 Ken Muscatel DNS
U-5 Jeff Bernard DNS

It happened again in Heat 3A. The third flip in the same place on the course, coming through turn 2. This time, it was Mike Allen in U-1. Allen was able to spring the cockpit open and get out on his own power and stand on the deck waiting for the rescue crew to get their. He appears to be OK, but the boat was damaged.

Jimmy King in the U-3 started the heat by leading the field across the start-finish line, but Steve David in the U-6 took it on the back stretch. It appears the new U-6 has more speed coming through the turns, which David is able to sue to slingshot his boat into the straight-aways.

David had started to stretch out his lead when Allen went over and the heat was shut down.

If the race is official, it will be:

Heat 3A
1. U-6 Steve David
2. U-3 Jimmy King
U-1 Mike Allen DNF
U-5 Jeff Bernard DNS
U-25 Ken Muscatel DNS

Heat 3-A draw


- U25 & U5 scratched

Heat 3-B draw


Non-hydro news... Mike Hargrove is reported to be resigning as Mariner manager shortly.

Video of U-5 blowover and U-37 flip are now posted at HydroInsider.com

U-5 slips off the hook when a cable snapped on the crane, while coming back to the pits.

Pictures from Andrew Wirling of U-5 blow over. Better quality pictures can be found at http://preview.pdughi.photosite.com/

We are going to take the live streaming down. This is necessary to upload the video from both crashes.

U-5 slips off the hook coming back to the pits and goes into the water.

It happened again in Heat 2B. Jean Theoret in the U-37 was leading the pack when he did a 360 and landed on the tail, crashing down hard on the deck right-side up. Theoret was able to shut the engine off and pop the cockpit.

Theroret had about a roostertail lead over Jimmy King in the U-3 when he went airborne after the exit pin of turn two.

Greg Hopp in the U-100 had led the field across the start-finish line, giving up the lead to Jimmy King in the U-3 out of the first turn. Theoret charged past Hopp coming out of turn two and then took the lead from King on the second lap.

Heat 2B
1. U-3 Jimmy King2. U-100 Greg Hopp3. U-10 David BryantU-37 Jean Theoret DNFU-1 Mike Allen DNF

Jeff Bernard heading to the hospital for precautionary measures.

Heat 2B

1. U-3 Jimmy King
2. U-100 Greg Hopp
3. U-10 David Bryant
U-37 Jean Theoret DNF
U-1 Mike Allen DNF

U-37 Jean Theoret was leading Heat 2B when he went airborne and went a full 360 and landed rightside up.

Heat 2B now at the 5 minute period.
U-3, U-37, U-1, U-10, U-100

U-5 towed back to shore, being lifted out of the water.

Jeff Bernard in the U-5 took the lead from the starting gun and was trying to hold off a charging Dave Villwock in the U-16 when he got caught in Villwock's roostertail going into the far turn. He rode the wash up in the air and blew over.

The race was stopped as rescue crews went out to bring Bernard out of the cockpit and back to shore. Reports were that he was conscious and being checked out.

Track announcer Mark Allen said the boat is designed to ride on top of the water. It doesn't know the difference between the river and the roostertail. When it hit the roostertail, there was enough volume of water to lift the U-5 and it traveled right up the roostertail as if it were skimming over the river. With enough lift and air, the boat blew over.

It turned out that both the U-5 and the U-13 with J. Michael Kelley had jumped the gun and were assessed one lap penalties. At the time of the blow-over, more than half the race had been completed so it was certified as an official race.

Heat 2A
1. U-16 Dave Villwock
2. U-6 Steve David
3. U-13 J. Michael Kelley
4. U-5 Jeff Bernard DSQ
5. U-25 Ken Muscatel DNS

When there's an accident on the course, officials review the video to determine what happened and whether any penalties or fines are justified. However, after the initial review, they certified the race and results as official.

Story on the U-5 blowover is posted now at:

Heat 2A - Unofficial Results

1. U-16 Dave Villwock
2. U-6 Steve David
3. U-13 J. Michael Kelley
4. U-5 Jeff Bernard DNF
5. U-25 Ken Muscatel DNS

Bernard is out of the boat. He is conscious and heading back to shore with the rescue crews.

The U-5 had been assessed a one lap penalty for jumping the gun as was the U-13. That left the U-1 in first and the U-6 in second. The U-25 DNS. Race was stopped when the U-5 blew over when it got up in the roostertail of the U-1.

Jeff Bernard in the U-5 just blew over in Heat 2A.

The stream will be off at times between events.

To answer emails about the live stream, it uses Windows Media Player. You need at least version 9. If you don't have it, do a search on Windows Media Player Download and follow the link to Microsoft for a free download.

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We're feeding out more than 600 streams successfully right now.

Here are the heat draws for 2A and 2B:

U13 Spirit of Detroit - J Michael Kelly
U6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison - Steve David
U16 Miss Elam Plus - Dave Villwock
U25 Superior Racing - Ken Muscatel
U5 formulaboats.com - Jeff Bernard

U3 Master Tire - Jimmy King
U37 Miss Beacon Plumbing - Jean Theoret
U1 formulaboats.com - Mike Allen
U10 Miss Ahrens Rentals - David Bryant
U100 MirageBoats.com - Greg Hopp

The number of people hitting the live stream has increased dramatically in the past few minutes. If you're getting some drop outs or "buffering" messages, please hang in there. If you are getting the "Not active"message, double click inside the player to have it reload.

Joe McCord reports there some lumber that's been seen in the water. Last year there were logs that popped up and damaged some props. U37, U100, & U16 have been out testing.

LIVE VIDEO STREAM from Evansville is now active at HydroInsider.com