This one comes out of nowhere... The Madison Courier reports that ABRA has asked the Madison Regatta to go to the "duel" style of racing, such as that used in Valleyfield last year. Two boats at a time going head-to-head in an elimination style.

Regatta President Crystal McHargue told the Madison Courier they'll be sticking to their own format.

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Anonymous said...

I understand why ABRA wants the Madison Regatta to go to the two-boat duel format: because the course is so narrow and the Unlimiteds are faster than ever. But regatta fans want to see lots of boats on the water. Two, or even three boat heats don't make it. At Madison, 4 boats up front with one or two trailer boats in each heat would be ideal.

Anonymous said...

boatu333 been on a crew for 35 years and never found anybody who want to watch a 3 boat heat let alone2, we have had 4- and 5 boat racing forever except when boat count was down . thank you madison regatta for not wanting this fans sure don,t'''