Brief mention of the unlimiteds in the Kitsap Sun >> Scroll down after opening... Flashback: Guy Lombardo wins the 1946 Gold Cup, the first race recorded on film by ABC.

Details >>

Photo: A restored Tempo VI, photographer unknown

Below: Guy Lombardo with his band

The rules of Unlimited Hydroplane racing >>

Watching the movie "Madison" inspired a couple, Morgan and Yolanda Kelly, to travel from Klawock, Alaska to Madison, Indiana to see how much of the story was reality-based.

Article from Madison Courier >>

DVD's are available of the Seattle races from the folks at Seafair. Click to order >>

Unlimited Hydroplane driver snowball fight video from Jason Gardner, U-100, via JibJab. Watch the video >>

Greg Walden and the team at Atomic Screen Print in Kennewick have been deeply involved in hydro racing for some time. Most recently, they created the 100th running of the Gold cup logo. They are also handling merchandising for the 2008 Gold Cup, 2008 Evansville Freedom Festival, and for the ABRA. We suspect they'll also handle this year's Columbia Cup as they have in the past.

They have also created and sold products for a number of teams, including the U-21 Freedom Racing, U-13 Spirit of Detroit, and Ed Cooper's U-3. If you need something produced, it's worth talking to Atomic Screen Print.

Last year, they jumped into the boat ownership ranks buying an Unlimited Light. Greg says they're repairing it for 2008 competition.

Great collage of unlimited hydroplane racing photos from Walt Ottenad at

Thanks to everyone who gave us the opportunity to take some great shots in 2007 and wishing everyone a safe 2008...

Walt Ottenad Northwest Speedshots

Click on the photo for a larger version. Makes for a nice screen saver, too.

New video clips are being posted at HydroInsider today. They're snippets of interviews done at the ABRA Awards show in Las Vegas, courtesy of Kevin Bollinger and FOX 5 in Las Vegas.

Sam Cole, ABRA: "We have a lot to be thankful for in 2007 and are looking ahead to the new year with much optimism and renewed vigor. It has been many years since the sport has featured such a competitive fleet of teams and the support of our six race sites."

A holiday greeting from Sam Cole on the website, includes the above statement and concludes with: "...We hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season and remember, the countdown clock has already begun ticking its way to Evansville in just a few short months!"

As Kirk Duncan correctly points out, the first race site is Nashville...

In the December issue of the ECRU newsletter, Kirk Pagel reports that Greg O'Farrell's newly acquired hull will race as U-50 in 2008. The hull (nicknamed Lucky) was previously owned by Fred Leland.

Kirk also reports that former Bud crew chief Ron Brown has sold his complete machine shop to O'Farrell. That means they'll be able to manufacturer their own gearboxes and props.

ERCU newsletter >>
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O'Farrell last year also ran the U-48 Lakeridge Paving with driver David Williams. It hasn't been decided if they'll run two boats in 2008, but it's possible. Also, no driver announcement to date.

New logo for the 100th running of the Detroit Gold Cup unveiled and you can see it here. Also, you can shop for 100th Gold Cup gear from the Detroit Regatta.

Click here for the gear and order form from Detroit Regatta >>

NOTE: PDF File will take a while to load...

Photos from the U-22 Webster Racing open house from the U-22 website. View more >>

VIDEO: 2007 San Diego Regatta - nice music montage from this year's race.

Spotted on the menu at Jack-Sons sports bar in Kennewick, WA: U-13 Spirit of Detroit unlimited hydroplane.

Jackson's has some hydroplane memorabilia, including part of an old hull on the wall and has sponsored hydros in the past. It's located right next to KNDU-TV in the Tri-Cities, the home of

Belated condolences to the family of Wayne "Bull" Griffin. He was a longtime crew member for the Miss Madison team and recently passed away after an extended illness.

Update on the U-17 Miss Red Dot from Nate Brown's team:

"We stripped the boat clean in order to inspect, analyze, and start making improvements to the hull, hardware, systems, and power plant. We expect to be more than just competitive in 2008!"

Schedule the unlimited hydroplane for your next get-together or corporate event. More info >>

Photo courtesy James Crisp

Mike Webster Reaches Top Level of Boat Racing
"We knew it was something we always wanted to do not just me but my family also so we went ahead and we took the opportunity and it's a leap of faith to say the least but we know it's going to come out right," Webster told WFMZ-TV.

Read full article from WFMZ-TV, including video >>

Photo of Mike & U-22 at right courtesy Kirk Duncan

More race simulation video from the rFactor hydroplane racing league... really amazing stuff!

Blue Angels will return to Seafair in 2008

Anybody else notice the U-21 Freedom Racing website has been down for a few days? Don't know if it's a permanent thing with the team up for sale.

Round two voting in the FANTASY DRIVER SHOWDOWN is now open >>

OK, if we're talking about potential national sponsors, either for race teams or for the entire circuit, who would you put on the target list? Please leave a list of names of companies you think would be a perfect fit for unlimited hydroplane racing in the Comments section below. Who knows? Your idea may help bring in sponsors...

This one comes out of nowhere... The Madison Courier reports that ABRA has asked the Madison Regatta to go to the "duel" style of racing, such as that used in Valleyfield last year. Two boats at a time going head-to-head in an elimination style.

Regatta President Crystal McHargue told the Madison Courier they'll be sticking to their own format.

Read full article >>
Scroll down the page a bit to find the info

Former Madison Regatta treasurer pleads guilty

According to the Madison Courier, Ann Geyman has agreed to a plea deal. She reportedly wrote and signed more than 20 checks on the Regatta bank accounts and use the $24,000 to pay credit card bills. Geyman was a former President of the Madison Regatta, but was treasurer during three years when the Regatta lost money and nearly shut down.

Nashville is the first race site for 2008 in May. "We think having Nashville open the season in May will help the promoters bring in the crowd we hope to have for this race," said ABRA's Sam Cole. "This will be an early start to our season but we need to get more races on the circuit early so we can start to generate more excitement for the entire season, not just a seven week period."

PHOTO: Last time the hydros raced at Nashville

Marengo Cave in southern Indiana - featured in the movie Miss Madison - to be featured in a new movie.

A car which belonged to speed king Sir Malcolm Campbell was auctioned off for more than $240,000 US. Campbell broke the world land speed record nine times in the 20's and 30's. His son Donald while trying to become the first man to break 300 mph on water, when his Bluebird turbo-jet hydroplane crashed.


Jack Lowe has a great photo of a new hydroplane on his website. Check it out at: >>

The video of the 2007 Season in Review, produced by KNDU-TV and and shown at the ABRA awards dinner in Las Vegas, is now posted at >>

PHOTO AT RIGHT: Cockpit view from inside the U-5 during the final heat at San Diego

Thanks to Steve Montgomery for lending us your talents and Jim Tippett for the editing.

Updated specs for the new U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison boat >>

Watch Video of Unlimited Lights Heat 3A at Firebird in Phoenix, Arizona from >>

Former Bud crew chief Ron Brown has sold his MACHINE SHOP to Greg O'Farrell, who ran the U-48 Lakeridge Paving last year and bought a second hull in the off-season. that will give Greg and his team the ability to fabricate parts, among other things.

Thanks Kirk Pagel for the info!

How competitive could 2008 be? Sam Cole said at Seafair 2007, the fastest competition lap was 147 mph. It was turned in by Nate Brown in the brand new U-17.

Nate hit a top speed of 187 during the run and took second in the provisional heat. All that during the first weekend the brand new boat had made it into the water.