ABRA's Sam Cole said they had productive meetings, but said he couldn't elaborate because "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

Sam made the comments from the podium. There were meetings most of the day on Thursday. Unlike last year, the groups did not come out and talk about what's going on.

Sam did hint at the possibility of yet another race in the Midwest for 2008. Some announcement may happen soon. I can also tell you first-hand that the ABRA and some owners met with potential series sponsors during the Las Vegas trip.


Dr Bleedband said...

Come On, Sam! Grow a set and give us some meaningful info here.

Nobody's asking for the family secrets or who is accusing who of
cheating, we just want to know what was talked about:

-How many race sites?
-New Teams?
-TV coverage?
-New Series Sponsors?
-Abandoning the LAME ABRA web site altogether and making
hydroinsider.com the Offical site for the sport?
-Potential Automotive Powered Teams?
-Any discussion on the Start Rule?
-Long Range Plans for the Sport (yeah, dream on....)

Surely there is SOMETHING that can be disclosed to the fans and
public about what went on there....unless you guys really did spend
all your time with hookers.

No wonder this sport is so hard to promote to the public. This "I
could tell you but I'd have to kill you" mentality does NOT serve you
or ABRA well.

HydroFan said...

dr. bleedband: I couldn't agree more. Paul travels to Las Vegas to cover these meetings and THAT was the response?! You've got to be kidding me.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%! It kills me how every year we still hear all the owners and the ABRA state how they need to bring in new fans and find new sponsors....yet they continue to NOT give us info or access to their world. Can you imagine NASCAR, Formula 1, the NFL or MLB for example.... keeping their fans in the dark during the offseason, and ignoring their thirst for more? That is not how you generate interest. Its all about promoting your product. And now it can be done cheaply with the web...and they still dont fully utilize it!
Start marketing your product ABRA!
BTW...who came up with ABRA anyway? Its a marketing nightmare...no one (casual fans ) even knows what it means or has anything to do with Unlimited Hydroplanes. It all seems sad and strange to me.

Anonymous said...

OK, the updated version sounds more realistic. Found it hard to imagine the only news from the meeting would be the Vegas quote. Apologies to Sam and ABRA.

Anonymous said...

As the person who reported the "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" comment by Sam Cole, I sure didn't mean it to set off this debate! Sam was at the podium and making a joke.

I was blogging the event live on the website, putting up info about
award winners on my laptop and sharing funny lines from the evening...while at the same time trying to run the audio board for the award presenters (Mark Allen and Steve Montgomery) and switch between Steve's powerpoint presentation and videos. So I didn't have a lot of time to
go into detail and provide context.

While there hasn't been a ton of news to report, I believe there is
significant progress being made behind-the-scenes. I know there were meetings with potential sponsors - some big names - while in Las Vegas.

I tried to go in later and edit this posting to add a little bit of context. Sorry if I left anybody with the wrong impression.

Paul Dughi