Nate Brown, Jimmy King, Mark Evans, JW Myers, Scott Pierce, George Woods and Jean Theoret all pulled cockpit time in the U-8.

Even though Bill Wurster and the U-8 team are no longer racing, the team's U-8 Llumar Window Film website is still active. To view U-8 website >>

Unlimited Detroit's 2007-2008 hydroplane calendar is now on sale. Also available are calendars dating back to 1987. More info >>

The 2007 Awards are wrapping up. More than 200 have voted so far! Voting closes at midnight, October 31st and winners will be announced mid-morning on November 1st. To vote, go to and scroll down beneath the top story box.

The old U-6 Oberto hull, retired in 2006, is being spruced up at Clifty Engineering. Steve David reports that if all goes as planned and funding is in place, the 88 hull will serve as a backup and display for the 08 season.

The San Diego hydroplane races almost didn't happen this year. And if they almost went away forever. The city had told Regatta board members if they missed once, the event was done for good, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The San Diego hydroplane races have been haunted by money trouble for years. They stopped racing for several years until driver Bill Muncey put together a group to keep it going in the 70's.

In recent years, there's been hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, $70,000 in fines from the IRS, four years without a corporate sponsor, and board members who had to write personal checks to keep the race alive. It's amazing the 2007 races happened at all.

Read the inside scoop on what happened to keep the races alive, Ken Muscatel's behind-the-scenes negotiations and plans for the future, and Ed Cooper's explanation of the decision to keep his race team at home.

VIDEO: U-3's Ed Cooper On unlimited hydroplane racing in Nashville: "This is a market we need to be in."

We'll have video of an extended interview with Ed Cooper in the next episode of The Milling Period, a production of Kirk Duncan and Mike Fetscher, posted on later this week. In the interview, Cooper talks about Nashville, what happened in San Diego, the cost of racing, and what Ken Muscatel and his group are trying to do.

Meanwhile, here's a short excerpt:

Kind of unrelated, but interesting. Video: Who knew snowmobiles could run on water? Watch as this guy skips his snowmobile acrosss a lake...

The rFactor Unlimited Hydroplane racing mod gets some international love >>

Read the comments for a translation. Thanks, Scott...!

New videos of the U-37 Beacon Plumbing have been added to the U-37 website, including a cockpit camera video for final heat of Tri-Cities 2007>>

Watch more cockpit camera videos on-board the U-37 Beacon Plumbing >

U-6 Miss Madison/Oh Boy! Oberto team shirts are also for sale - at least one of them - until Nov. 1st on ebay. Click for link >>

Hydroplane racing legend Chip Hanauer will be the featured speaker at the Washington Midget Racing Association banquet this weekend in Tacoma. His speech is entitled, "Lessons from the Fast Lane."

Want to buy a unlimited hydroplane racing team shirt or hat? Now you can by going to the on-line store >>

The Unlimited Lights have added a new series sponsor for 2008, Trafficade Services, Inc. They'll be part of every race stop, starting with the exhibition in Phoenix in November.

Trafficade, with offices in Phoenix and Tucson provides traffic control services and makes traffic control products with applications around the country.

Just to be safe, Freedom Racing has moved the U21 hydro, trailer and engines in light of the wildfires near San Diego to a crew member's home.

Interactive map of fires >>

Fire image from NASA 10/24/07

Madison Courier reports on Nashville, Mike Weber, U-13, and U-22. Read the article >>
NOTE: All items were previously reported on!

Rick Bowles on Nashville and other potential race sites: "If I can make it work, draw some crowds and break even, I'm going to offer a percentage of the gate as the purse. If the boats put on a good show and there are a lot there, they control their own destiny."

More details >>

If you haven't checked out the rFactor hydroplane racing league, check out the video below. Scott Przybylski has done an absolutely incredible job of creating a realistic simulation of unlimited hydroplane racing. The physics and the details are amazing.

Scott's message board >>

The Nashville exhibition has been called off.

Details >>

VIDEO: U-5 & U-37 Beacon Plumbing flips from 2007

2006 & 2007 highlight video of the U-37 Beacon Plumbing.

Congratulations to the U-10 unlimited hydroplane driver David Bryant for winning the Super Stock and K-Racing Runabout class in the The 2007 Ahern Rentals/Suncoast Framing APBA Season Finals on Lake Ming in Bakersfield, CA.

VIDEO: U-9 flips at Seattle.

The unlimited hydroplane races in Detroit next year will be historic. It's the 100th running of the Gold Cup from July 11-13 2008.

If you have yet to try U-6's Charlie Groom's Ladder 51 wings, you can do so now at a reduced price. Details >>

This video was titled "The Most Shocking Moments- Hydroplane Crashes" on youtube.

Vandenbrink Design said it has developed an aerodynamic stabilization system for unlimited hydroplanes that can operate at speeds of up to 200 mph.


The 26th Anniversary of the accident that claimed Bill Muncey's life will be Thursday, October 18th. The Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum will hold a tribute to Bill Muncey on Friday, October 19th at 7:00 PM at the Museum in Kent.

Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum >>

Quick update: New potential dates for Nashville exhibition would be November 9th or 16th. Still waiting on permits.

If there was any doubt about the U-37 Beacon Plumbing's ability to go fast, it was settled at Seafair. In the second lap of heat 2C in Seattle, Jean Theoret set the 2 mile competition lap record with a 150 mph lap.

That beat the record held by the U-16 Elam Plus with 149 mph.

Mike Webster and Ed Cooper talk about the refurbishing of Cooper's old hull with a piston engine into a turbine engine for the Webster Racing U-22 team as Mike picks up the hull in Evansville.

Video: Kirk Duncan.

About 70 people have voted in the 2007 Awards so far and we have some very, very close categories. If you haven't voted yet, go to and sign in right under the Top Story box. Voting closes October 31st.

The U-37 Beacon Plumbing website has posted video of Jean Theoret winning Seattle's Seafair race in 2006.

Watch the video >>

The Seafair Pirates have been hit by thieves. The Pirates have long entertained crowds at the races in Seattle. Metal thieves stole copper wiring and six custom cannon barrels plates with 24-karat gold - about $3,500 worth of stuff.

The U-22 hauler made its trek from Seattle to Evansville so Mike Webster could pick up the hull at Ed Cooper's place. The boat will be converted from piston to turbine for the 2008 season.

Full Story >>

Photo - Kirk Duncan

This video by Matt Stannard follows the U-17 in Seattle this year. Matt's the sports photographer at KOMO-TV.

Wonderful video from KOMO-TV in Seattle. They followed Nate Brown & the U-17 for several months as they raced against time to get the boat ready to run at Seafair.

Ken Warby says it's his last run in the boat that owns the world record for speed. He's retiring after an exhibiton in Chattanooga, TN this weekend. The jet-powered Miss Aussie holds the record at 317 mph.

Warby won't be trying to break the record. He called it a demonstration run.

He told WDEF-TV "There is no one on this earth at the moment that can break it (the record) and I've been waiting 30 years for someone to do it and it hasn't happened. Now's the time to quit." Full article from WDEF >>

Our Gang Racing is adding another T-55 engine to the U-17 Miss Red Dot / USNW Express fleet as a back-up for 2008. Tracy Bratvold at Whispering Turbines also has the team's main engine and is re-installing the hot end that was loaned to the U-16.

PHOTO: The U-17 Miss Red Dot / USNW Express was shown all around Issaquah, WA the week of Salmon Days and in the parade even won the second place award for wheeled units. The hydro in the background of the photo is Kip Brown and his Morgan Motors 5 liter that he campaigned this year. Kip takes over as driver of the U-17 for 2008.

An exhibition event is in the works for Nashville for October 27 & 28 this year. Rick Bowles, U-3 team manager, is trying to put the event together to help spur interest in unlimited hydroplane racing returning to Nashville in 2008.

PHOTO: Bill Wurster at the microphone with the U-8 Llumar team after winning at the last Nashville race

Not hydros, but it is about speed. A West Richland, WA design team has built and run a car at 256+ mph. The Shelby SuperCars Ultimate Aero is officially the “Fastest Production Car” in the world, according to Guinness World Records. This is the first time the production speed record title has been held by a United States auto manufacturer since 1967.

Driver Chuck Bigelow, 71, drove SSC’s Ultimate Aero on a stretch of highway 221, clocking 414.31 kph (257.45 mph) on the first pass and 410.24 kph (254.92 mph) on the second pass to yield an official record speed of 412.28 kph (256.19 mph).

Read full news release >>

On the weekend of November 17th and 18th, the Unlimited Light Hydroplane Racing Association will be conducting a competitive demonstration on Firebird Lake at the 2007 IHBA World Championships in Chandler, AZ. At a race site hosting up to 200 drag-type race boats, the Unlimited Lights will be adding a new dimension to the world class regatta that will be featuring circle or sprint competition.

Perhaps an even more substantial dimension will be the ULHRA's effort to invite and act as host for hundreds of foster children and their foster parents to a day at the races. Blocks of discounted tickets are being provided by the Firebird International Raceway proprietors and sponsored by local businesses to create an opportunity for entire families to cheer on their favorite Thunderboat as it hurtles over Firebird Lake at speeds in excess of 150 mph.

"Boat racing has been a family sport for us," said Kayleigh; "and I am glad to get the chance to share it with so many other families here in Chandler."

Source: ULHRA

Developing story... 1.5 litre boat was reportedly sabatoged the night before the final race of the year, costing driver Kelly Shane the national championship. She needed a 7th place finish to wrap up her 2nd straight title. Instead, her engine blew and she got a DNF.

PHOTO - James Crisp at Celina, OH

Voting for the 3rd annual awards is now open until October 31st. Vote by going to and signing in right under the Top Story box.

You can review the 2006 winners by clicking here >>

The 2007 ABRA Awards Banquet will be held Thursday, November 29th at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Details and forms >>

Great team photo of the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto win at San Diego is posted at the top of the U-6 website.

The 37th Annual Miss Madison Golf Tournament is this weekend in Madison, Indiana. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to help pay for the new truck that hauls the new U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto.

2007 Powerboats NW Unlimited Lights Champion Kayleigh Perkins and the UL-72 Miss Boat Electric will be featured in the annual Issaquah Salmon Days Grande Parade on Saturday (10-6).

According to the Salmon Days website the 2 day festival "presented by the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce, is the celebration of salmon returning to the area lakes" including Lake Sammamish near Issaquah where the annual Tastin' n Racin' event is held in June. Issaquah is a few miles east of Seattle on Interstate 90.

This will be the first public appearance of Ms. Perkins and the UL-72 since their thrilling series victory at Port Angeles, Washington's Victoria Express Strait Thunder Regatta last Saturday. Perkins and the Miss Boat Electric clinched the Driver's championship with a first heat victory and wrapped up the team title by finishing second in the Final behind Mark Echols in the UL-33 Miss Boat Electric. Kayleigh Perkins accomplished all of this in her first season in Unlimited Light Hydroplane Racing, and for good measure added Rookie of the Year to her resume.

Source: ULHRA

HydroInsider has been nominated for the Best Sports Blog for the 2007 Weblog Awards. If you enjoy reading this blog, please help out by going to the nomination page, scrolling down until you find our nomination and then voting for us by clicking on the symbol. Thanks...!

Watch video of the unlimited lights final race at Port Angeles, WA (ULHRA Video) as Mark Echols in the UL-33 wins.

Continued progress on Mike Webster's U-22 re-build of the old U-3 hull to turn it into a turbine boat. The hauler is just about finished now.

More details and photos >>

Here are a couple shots from Saturday’s Lake Chelan running of the vintage boats. In attendance were two Thriftway’s, Oberto, Miss Burien, Miss Bardahl. Long-time crew members on the Miss Budweiser went for their first unlimited hydroplane ride including Mike and Jeff Cambell who helped Dixon Smith with the restoration of the Bardahl. Also Hydroplane, Inc’s Mark Smith also took the Bardahl for a run.

More Photos from Steve Compton >>

Unlimited Lights racing has announced a new race site for 2008: On the Missouri river near Chamberlain, South Dakota on July 12 & 13th.

On the map to the right, it's where I-90 intersects the Missouri River

Kim Gregory said he wouldn't be opposed to selling his backup boat. He bought it from Steve Woomer's estate several years ago.

Former crew chief and Miss Bud crewman John Rice has been hired by USA Racing and joining the U10 team full-time in Las Vegas.

You can watch U-6 team manager Charlie Grooms on TV Monday on QVC.

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