Greg Hopp's not driving an unlimited this weekend. The U-100 Mirageboats.com team opted out of San Diego. Hopp usually does double duty at race sites driving Unlimiteds and Unlimited lights.

But Greg got banged up in a water sports accident and has decided to give some of the UL-1 Festool Supply.com presents Graham Trucking GT/Happy Go Lucky seat time to Jerry Hopp. Could hurt Greg in the driver points - he's only several hundreds points ahead of Kayleigh Perkins, who shares seat time in the UL-72 Miss Boat Electric.

Not sure who will be racing the UL-72. Kayleigh took one of the qualifying runs today. Driver Patrick Haworth took two. Haworth ran the boat in Valleyfield. Kayleigh's driven it the rest of time, including a win at Silverdale, WA.