We got a chance to watch the finals from a lift about 30 feet above the crowd. Great view... you can really see the boats and how they line up. Wish I had a better camera with me. At times, you're high enough you can see through some of the roostertails, but it's still tough to tell who's in there. At one point, you could only see three of the six boats on the race course because everyone else was stuck in a roostertail. Interesting perspective to watch the race. As we've reported, Villwock took the lead on the second lap and ran away with the race.

After the win, Villwock said "Erick (Ellstrom) told me to get out there in free water and let it fly. Get some big speed." The team had to tear the gear box apart before the final. Why? "Because they wanted to win," Villwock said. Owner/crew chief Erick Ellstrom said "The Tri-Cities is always good to us. Just a great day."

KNDU's Scott Reister asked him... with four wins in a row... can you dynasty now? Ellstrom: "No."


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