Other updates from our morning pit walk:

U-1 & U-5 running OK. Jimmy Shane not happy he's running 5 seconds back being a rookie, but things happen so you never know.

U-9 Chris Bertram says they don't have the horsepower this weekend. "We'll put on a good show," he said and see what happens.

U-25 Dr. Ken says this boat handles better and is faster than the hull he raced last year.

U-21 gear box is still running hot, so they'll hold back a little and wait to get in the water. They didn't run in practice runs Sun. morning. They will wait until the last minute before the 5 minute gun to move out to try to reduce heat time on the gear box.

U-37 Billy Schumacher said they're racing to get into the finals. "No sense pushing it now," he said. THey're matched up against Villwock in Heat 2A.

U-48 electrical problems fixed. David Williams: "We picked up 2 seconds a lap"

U-16 everything's OK.

U-3 new prop is in-line now. Not quite as good as original one they lost in the Columbia on Sat. "We wish we had that one back," said Jimmy King. Also had engine work overnight.

U-13 (see below post) steering - tough fix, wait and see whether they can race.

U-10 new engine put in due to fuel controller problems. Should be fine (see below)