It happened again in Heat 3A. The third flip in the same place on the course, coming through turn 2. This time, it was Mike Allen in U-1. Allen was able to spring the cockpit open and get out on his own power and stand on the deck waiting for the rescue crew to get their. He appears to be OK, but the boat was damaged.

Jimmy King in the U-3 started the heat by leading the field across the start-finish line, but Steve David in the U-6 took it on the back stretch. It appears the new U-6 has more speed coming through the turns, which David is able to sue to slingshot his boat into the straight-aways.

David had started to stretch out his lead when Allen went over and the heat was shut down.

If the race is official, it will be:

Heat 3A
1. U-6 Steve David
2. U-3 Jimmy King
U-1 Mike Allen DNF
U-5 Jeff Bernard DNS
U-25 Ken Muscatel DNS